Original pots with recycled objects

I am a defender of recycling, not only to take care of the environment but also to beautify the home . There are hundreds of techniques to make old objects new, give them a face lift and completely transform them.

There are times when great technique is needed to achieve good results, but other times magic only happens when you have a little ingenuity and creativity. Have you looked around to see what you find? I bet that somewhere in the house you have stored something that you don’t use but it would look great in the garden, without you noticing it you can make original pots with recycled objects.

the noble wood

Some time ago, I went to the neighborhood greengrocer and asked him if he would give me two or three wooden crates , the kind where fruit is kept. The owner gladly agreed, a little surprised by my request. When I got home, I painted the drawers different colors using waterproof paint and then varnished them with a clear lacquer.

Finally, I placed two or three pots in each of them, with different plants and flowers that contrasted in color. I placed the drawers in a corner of my balcony-terrace and that’s how I put together a special corner in one corner. Around the drawers I placed some larger pots and also some wooden logs that I found when they trimmed an old tree in my sister’s house.

The best thing was that I only invested a minimum sum when buying the paint and the plants.

recycled drawers

Furniture or pots?

Another great idea to keep in mind is to reuse disused furniture , reinventing the concept of classic flowerpots.

You can take an unused chest of drawers and fill each of the drawers with topsoil. Then open the drawers and place several different plants in them. In the blink of an eye you will have some very original planters made from a disused piece of furniture. It can even function as a garden, placing aromatic herbs and small vegetables in the drawers.

Remember to make small holes in the bottom of the drawers to allow for drainage.

Flower pots with wooden crates
Original pots with recycled objects

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