Pots made with pallets

Many people like our innovative ideas when it comes to having original pots, designed with obsolete objects.

If you bet on creativity, it is likely that you will come to fruition, discovering infinite uses that you can do with those objects that you were about to throw away.

disused pallets

One of the most used elements these days are pallets. If until recently it was common to find them lying on the street, today they are enthusiastically seen by interior decorators, who design all kinds of furniture with them.

But it is also possible to design pots with old pallets. It is very easy to do it because it is only a matter of taking the structure and supporting it vertically. Then you can hang some pots on it to which you must previously add some hooks.

Pots made with pallets

Pallets have many possibilities so the most suitable choice depends on your personal tastes. There are people who also decide to take the saw and cut a square somewhere on the pallet and then add soil in the space that is in the slats and then put some flowering plants. These planters are very pretty, especially if you paint the pallets a bright color later.

Another option is to take advantage of the wood from the pallets to disassemble the structure and form large wooden pots where you can place all kinds of plants.

Necessary elements

To create flowerpots with pallets you need few elements so the total cost is low . In addition to the structure, you will need colored paint, sandpaper, varnish and the classic carpentry tools (saw, hammer, nails, etc.)

Pots made with pallets

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