The best ferns for indoors

Ferns are one of the plants considered living fossils, since they were one of the first to appear on Earth, after all those we know as moss did. In their heyday, they grew over practically the entire earth’s surface. The climate was so pleasant that it favored some of them to reach surprising heights considering the stage of evolution in which they found themselves.

Today we find them mainly in tropical areas, where they live in humid forests, under the shade of the large trees that draw the landscape. Fortunately, there are many that we can have indoors without problems. Here we will tell you the three best to take care of.

asplenium nidus

asplenium nidus

The Asplenium nidus, also known as Bird’s Nest, is becoming more and more common to find indoors. Its long, bright green leaves are just wonderful, don’t you think?

It is native to the rainy forests of Australia, so it requires a lot of environmental humidity… something that is achieved by putting several glasses of water around it or, better yet, spraying the leaves daily except in winter.

Nephrolepsis cordifolia

Nephrolepsis cordifolia

The Nephrolepsis cordifolia is a very interesting fern, since it can be both outdoors as long as the temperatures do not drop below 0 degrees, but it can also live indoors. It is one of the easiest to care for and maintain.

Native to South America, it is reasonably fast growing and is also ideal for those new to ferns.


Davallia tasmanii

Davallia are generally very chilly due to their tropical origin. Indoors they will grow well as long as they have a lot of light and high humidity. They are rather small plants, which do not take up much space. That is why they can be kept in small pots or pots.

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