Tips for selecting urban trees

urban trees . Those that decorate our streets, but also our gardens. The most suitable species are not always chosen, something that can be a fatal error, since their root system ends up raising the sidewalk, or breaking the pipes. It is not a problem of the plants, but of that person who chose to put that tree in that specific place.

If you want to avoid taking risks of this type, it is important to take into account a series of things that we will discuss below. These tips are equally valid if you want to put the tree near the house or the pool.

Choose the right species


To make a correct selection of urban trees, it is necessary to carry out a previous study of the species that we want to put. In addition to choosing the ones that best adapt to the climate and the type of soil we have, it is very important to take into account their growth rate, the behavior of the foliage (whether it is deciduous or perennial), whether or not it can withstand pruning and, above all, its water needs. In general, species that live near rivers such as willows or poplars, or that are fast growing, tend to have an “aggressive” root system.

It is also not recommended to put trees with a tendency to have a thick trunk , such as Ficus. Perhaps the most appropriate is the Ficus benjamina , since it is a medium-sized species whose trunk does not usually measure more than 40cm in diameter, but it must also be kept at a safe distance (at least five meters) from the pipes.



It is very common, both in domestic and urban gardening, to over-prune trees . There is a tendency to think that the more it is pruned, the better development and growth it will have, but the reality is very different. Mastering the technique of pruning takes time: nobody learns the first day. To do it well you need, in addition to having a good base (that is, knowing the theory well), someone experienced to teach you. Pruning should not be a “torture” for the plant, but something that allows it to continue developing normally.

All plants, in their natural habitat, are pruned. The pruners in this case are: the wind, branches that fall on top of other plants, animals,… Our plants cannot benefit from all this, and that is why we are the ones who have to take care of pruning them. But always from the respect towards the vegetable . In Spain there is a great tendency to prune the branches before the leaves wither and fall, perhaps so as not to have to pick them up later. This should not be done. Each plant has its behavior, and it has to be pruned at the right time , neither before nor after. Only then can we have really healthy and beautiful trees.

Tips for selecting urban trees

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