What is plant thinning?

I believe that it is not enough to go to the nursery and buy fertile land to plant the seeds. I say this because I have tried for years until I gave up. It was then that I began to follow the opposite path, that is, first I internalized the basic care of plants and then I dedicated myself to the task of cultivating.

Otherwise, the frustration was great: plants that germinated weakly or grew without problems until suddenly a change of season, too much sun or abundant rains ended the dream of their own garden.

That is why today I will dedicate myself to a simple concept of the art of gardening but also very important: thinning .

What is?

Thinning occurs in the early stages of the plant and is nothing more than the process through which some of the shoots that have been sown are eliminated once the seeds germinate .

You may wonder why you have to remove some outbreaks when what you are looking for is just the opposite. Well, this is because the plants need strength and space to develop and the thinning process serves to boost the stronger plants. Although at the expense of the weakest, of course.

thin plants

At the time of planting, several seeds are usually used but not all develop equally and it is then that thinning selects those that have produced the best shoots.

By removing the weakest shoots, enough space is left for the strongest plants to develop better , as well as the roots, which can then spread without inconvenience.

How to do it?

Thinning is a simple task but requires certain care. The most important thing is to avoid damage to the plant, something that can happen especially because they are fully growing and still weak specimens.

The roots are fragile and that’s why you don’t have to pull hard but remove the shoots little by little, with small pulls, always very light.

The good news is that once the sprouts have been collected, they do not have to be thrown away as they can be reused. You can plant them again as long as the roots have not come into contact with the air and are not in direct sun or exposed to cold.

thin plants
What is plant thinning?

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