Different types of Greenhouses

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere there are already people who are thinking about protecting some of their most delicate plants from the winter that, in just three months, will knock at the door. Yes, without a doubt, it is time to go looking at greenhouses . In the market there are many types; plastic, wood, polycarbonate, aluminum…; large, small, tunnel-shaped, box-shaped… Among so much variety, how do you know which one to choose?

Well, it will depend on the available space where we want to place it , and above all on the number of plants that we want to protect from the cold. Below I will tell you the main advantages and disadvantages of greenhouses that you will most easily find in specialized stores.

Steel/plastic greenhouses

steel greenhouse

Steel greenhouses are becoming more and more popular because of their easy assembly and especially because of their price. There are many models; the one in the photo is used especially to protect orchard and/or flower plants, but there are also shelf-shaped ones with several shelves where many plants can be placed.

Their drawbacks are:

  • The plastic that covers it has to be changed every year depending on what area you live in, as it wears out very easily.
  • Steel over time rusts.
  • If it is very windy in your area, the greenhouse does not weigh enough to withstand it, which means that it has to be well supported.

However, it is ideal if it is going to be kept inside a room or in areas where there is not much wind .

wooden greenhouses

wooden greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses are becoming very popular due to their cost (it is not too high), and especially because they can last for many years with proper treatment.

Disadvantages : basically, if the wood is not treated, over time the water will cause it to deteriorate. That is why every 1-2 years a product should be applied to prevent this (what is known as priming the wood).

polycarbonate greenhouses

polycarbonate greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouses are the ones used by nurseries and botanical gardens. Although their price is high, they are very resistant and it can take many years before they begin to deteriorate.

The main drawback, as we said, is the price. Although nowadays and more and more we can find them at more affordable prices , and of different models, they are still somewhat expensive. But if you plan to use it for a long time, it is certainly worth the expense.

Another option is of course to do it yourself . If you are not convinced by any of them, it is best to go buy the material that you are going to need and do it with the measures that you consider appropriate.

Different types of Greenhouses

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