Flower pots designed with old shoes

My oldest son came home from kindergarten yesterday telling me about recycling, marveling at the possibility of taking advantage of disused objects to revitalize them and bring them back to life.

And that is how the talk served as a source of inspiration for me to write this post where I will not delve into species and varieties of plants and flowers, but rather I will try to tell you some ideas to beautify gardens and balconies with a little imagination .

recycled pots

Pots are the protagonists of green spaces, terraces and balconies, and although there are different styles, we generally choose terracotta ones or alternate with cement and plastic ones.

But we do not go much further than the traditional scheme because we know that these pots offer resistance while being decorative and beautiful. However, it is always possible to go one step further with an original idea that will attract attention.

original pots

These are pots made from disused shoes , an untraditional design that has something of the vintage style, some madness and a lot of creativity at play.

You can choose wellies of different colors or shoes made of leather or any other material. The ideal is to bet on colors because then a particular, colorful and special corner will be created.

Once you have selected the shoes, you just have to add the soil in them and then choose the plants. Remember to make a hole in the sole to promote drainage and you can also add some hooks to the boots to hang them on the wall or a fence.

Leather shoes

Unlike wellies, in the case of leather shoes , a single pair is usually used, placed in a special corner and combined with other old and somewhat rusty objects, as the idea is to create that effect. retro that, in its fair measure, is perfect for some green spaces.

original pots
Flower pots designed with old shoes

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