Grow kiwi in the garden

It is not common to grow kiwis in the garden of any house or apartment, although it is not something that cannot be done. Only that you have to take into account the needs of a plant that needs a certain generous surface to develop.

To enjoy organic and tasty kiwis, you need to know that you need to have at least two plants, a male and a female, as well as enough space and a certain support structure so that this climber can spread.

In addition, it must be taken into account that it is a plant that needs to live in a humid environment, so it will not be able to grow in dry or hot places.

to prepare the garden

Now, having overcome these initial mishaps, you can encourage yourself to grow kiwi and thus put your skills in the garden to the test. The first thing is to level the ground and eliminate any weeds that may be present, as they are harmful to the plant.

Then it will be necessary to make a fertilizer to enrich the soil and , if possible, add cow manure to make the soil more spongy and help to assimilate the inorganic fertilizer.


As we mentioned, the kiwi plant needs a support structure since it will have to have tutors to regulate its growth. It will be necessary to assemble the structure with T-shaped supports to then think about the irrigation system. In the best of cases, it will be drip irrigation, although if this system is not available, manual irrigation can work as long as it is precise and in the right dose.

to cultivate

The best time to plant kiwis is between November and February , being able to sow the seedlings in a line with a separation of between 3 and 5 meters between plant and plant, and always taking care to plant 1 male for every 5 female trees.


It is important to carry out periodic pruning to guide the plants, although it will also be necessary to carry out two additional fruiting prunings, in winter and in summer. This will help ventilate and light the plant. The thinning technique, which eliminates withered flowers and fruit in poor condition, helps improve production.

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