Growing Vanilla

There is nothing like aromatic vanilla pods and that is why no garden lover should stop growing their plant in order to enjoy the natural flavor of this noble product.

To incorporate in desserts and creams, vanilla is the ideal ingredient and that is why today we will learn how to cultivate the plant that gives these irresistible pods.

Origins and biography

Vanilla is an edible pod of a genus of orchids , the most popular being Vanilla planifolia. It is a plant of tropical origin that is very common to find in Africa, precisely in Madagascar, as well as in Mexico.

To grow vanilla it is necessary to have a tropical environment in order to repeat its natural habitat. Ideally, it should be developed in a warm and humid place, so one option is greenhouses. In addition, the plant must be exposed to the sun.


It is a species that needs sporadic watering during the first month to then receive regular watering with soft water. Always avoid excess water.

To grow vanilla you have to be patient because flowering only occurs after two to seven years and lasts just 6 weeks a year. What is worse, great precision is required since the pods are obtained from the pollination of the flower and the flowers have a life of just 24 hours.

The process

Once you buy the vanilla cutting, you have to submerge it in water to leave it for five days. It is then planted in the ground and mulch is added. Take care that the plant receives at least half a day of sun.

When flowering occurs , it is time to pollinate the flowers . To achieve this, the pollen is pushed with the fingers and the stamen is exposed with the fingers. Then you have to place the pollen on the crest. After pollination, the pods will be born after two months, although it will take 9 months for them to mature.


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