How to make organic compost in small spaces

I hear that many people talk about composting at home but the truth is that I can’t imagine how to do it in an apartment, where the ungenerous dimensions force us to review the graces of a noble and natural task but prone to bad odors.

And this is how researching I find different alternatives to make organic compost , some that require large space and others more discreet, ideal for the floors of large cities.

It is not a matter of someone being left without the possibility of making their own natural fertilizer for plants, so let’s move forward with a practical and easy-to-carry method that is ideal for apartments.

Step by Step


Having a huge garden is not the same as having a small balcony, the differences appear both in the choice of plants and shrubs as well as in the way of making your own compost.

If it is about small spaces, they can do it in a pot . Choose a generous size and cover it with about 3 cm. of Earth. Then place the organic waste from your home on it whenever you want, always covering it with a layer of soil. You can dump fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, fruit pits, food scraps and anything else that is natural.

Between layer and layer you can add dry leaves and sticks to favor the process. From time to time, remove the soil and the elements in it in order to integrate them so that the compost forms little by little. Remember that humidity is important for the formation of humus so keep the pot in a place where it does not dry out too much.

An important detail

Although you can make organic compost anywhere in the house, we recommend choosing a sector of the home as far away as possible from the place where they spend the most time so that they do not smell the bad odors it produces.

How to make organic compost in small spaces

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