Plant a fig tree

The change of season is always a good time to open the calendar and thus find out which plants are in season. Also to anticipate the season and the next and have everything ready by then, the seeds of turn in hand and the land in optimal conditions to start the cultivation process.

If you have always had in mind the idea of ​​planting a fig tree , you will have to wait a while because, although it is a tree that adapts to a range of temperatures, extreme heat does not do it all that well, so you will have to wait until the end of the season. summer to plant it.

The best time for the fig tree

The fig tree is a dry tree of the Moraceae family, low in height and generous when it comes to care. It grows up to 5 meters high and gives away two types of fruit depending on the harvest time: brevas and figs.

As we anticipated, it is a tree that adapts to changes in temperature and resists from -7ºC to 40ºC , although the ideal is 18ºC , that is, an average temperature, typical of spring. That is why the ideal is to plant it in winter because its fullest development will coincide with spring temperatures.

Fig tree

What to consider

You know then, they still have time for the planting season so start writing down everything you need when the time comes. The first thing is to know that you will have to have a somewhat wide sector because it is a tree that, although it does not grow too high, extends wide.

In addition, the place must be sheltered because the fig tree does not resist frost or direct exposure to the sun , at least not for several hours. Remember the golden rule: medium temperature.

Fig tree

Once the place has been chosen, you can plant using cuttings , always in a soil rich in nutrients , with organic fertilizer or manure. As it is not demanding, once planted it requires little irrigation and even rainwater will suffice. If the climate is very dry, water periodically avoiding waterlogging because excess water damages the fruits.

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