Tropical Fruit Trees for Cold Climates

Many of us would like to have tropical fruit trees in our gardens, but because it is cold in winter, sometimes we go back and opt for traditional species that we know can withstand our climate without problems. It is a very logical thing, but it is not a reason to be discouraged. Actually, there are several exotic fruit trees that resist light frosts , and today we are going to introduce you to four of them. They will surely surprise you…

…such as Feijoa sellowiana . A beautiful tree native to Brazil that can withstand frosts of up to -10º. Its leaves are perennial, and it can grow up to a height of two meters… something that makes it an ideal species to have in a pot if you don’t have a garden or if you simply want to decorate your patio.

Fortunella margarita (Kumquat)

Fortunella daisy

Fortunella daisy

The kumquat , whose scientific name is Fortunella margarita , is a shrub or small tree about two meters tall, native to East Asia. Its leaves are evergreen, green. It has small white flowers which give off a pleasant aroma. It is also suitable for potting.

It prefers sunny exposures and the substrate is always slightly moist. Resistant up to -4º.

Mangifera indica (mango)



Did you know that there are some varieties of mango that resist cold? Originally from tropical climates around the world, you will only find these varieties in specialized nurseries, but if you are interested in having one and live in a climate with a cool winter, you can opt for these varieties:

  • gomera 3
  • Ataúlfo (the most recommended for small gardens as it grows up to 3m high)
  • Maha Chinook

These three are suitable for climates whose winter is cool, that is, with light frosts of up to -1º or -2º . The Ataúlfo can resist a little more (up to -4º), but it is recommended that while they are young trees they remain a bit sheltered.

Although the mango is evergreen, in climates further from the equator it behaves as deciduous . We should not worry if the tree loses its leaves because in spring it will sprout again.

Persea americana (avocado)

american persea

american persea

The avocado , whose scientific name is Persea americana , is another evergreen tropical tree native to South America, which would be curious to see in slightly cooler climates. However, there are some that have proven to have enough resistance so that we can have them in said climates. We are talking about the following varieties:

  • Hass
  • Strong

Both resist light frosts and, even if the leaves fall off in winter, they will sprout again in spring without problems.

planting tips

To plant a tropical fruit tree in our garden, and ensure that it grows properly, we must take into account the following :

  • They must be in full sun
  • We will make a deep hole and mix the earth with earthworm humus or any organic fertilizer
  • We will water abundantly after planting them

 We hope you enjoy your tree!

Tropical Fruit Trees for Cold Climates

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