Why are my plants not growing?

Do you have plants that have stopped growing and you don’t know why? Well, we are going to solve that question, because it is very important to know why it has stopped growing in order to act accordingly and try to solve the problem. Keep in mind that in winter, especially if it is cold with frost, plants generally do not grow or do so very, very slowly, since during those months it is more important for them to stay alive than to grow; That is why the vital processes do continue, but the growth stops, and they do not spend energy to flourish.

Knowing this, if we are in the middle of the growing season (spring and summer, and in warm climates even autumn) and we do not see signs that this is happening, we will see what can be done to keep the plant growing.

Lack of space?


Plants that are in pots have a disadvantage compared to those that are in the ground: the space is limited. For this reason, it is common for the plant to see that it is healthy, that it does not have any pests nor is it suffering from excess watering, but nevertheless it does not grow. Perhaps what you need is a change of pot. An important note to add in this regard is the following: roots do not necessarily have to come out of the drainage holes to transplant it, but many times the roots grow horizontally, making it very easy to remove the plant from the pot – especially if the substrate is dry – without any crumbling of the root ball.

In general, those with rapid growth need a change of pot every 1-2 years , while those with slower growth can be in the same pot for up to 4 years.

Lack of water and/or fertilizer?


Fertilizer is very important for plants , as it helps them to have better growth and development. Only a good substrate is not enough for the plant to remain healthy and strong. In habitat, the fertilizer comes from animals and other decomposed plants. In cultivation they do not have that possibility, and that is why they must be paid, otherwise their defense system will be weakened, causing, for example, fungi to appear.

Equally necessary is proper watering . There are plants that need more water than others, and depending on the climate we have, we will water more, or less. Flowering plants need to be watered often, while cacti and other desert plants will do just once a week.

Why are my plants not growing?

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