Classification of fruit trees

Pomology is the art of growing fruit trees, a branch of horticulture that requires knowledge and precision, and involves a set of specific techniques.

Knowing the nature of fruit trees is vital to start cultivating them and that is why it is necessary to study the fruits in order to know what type of tree they belong to, since fruit trees are classified according to the morphology and characteristics of their fruits .


Fruit trees

According to the type of fruit, it is possible to classify them into different groups . Trees that have tender fruit and a pit inside are known as drupes . This is the case of the plum tree, the olive tree, the mango or the cherry tree, with fleshy fruits and seeds that are hidden inside the stone.

However, there are also trees whose fruits are almost identical, although with the exception that they do not have a bone, but rather the seeds are concentrated inside the fruit. They are the knobs and within these are the apple tree, the pear tree or the medlar tree.

Then there are those trees whose fruits are somewhat more eccentric and instead of the classic morphology they present a varied structure . There are various classifications: Citrus are the hesperidia , fig trees are sycone trees .

Fruit trees

the rarest

There are also trees that share the same trait: the production of hard or dry fruits, enclosed in shells. This is the case of hazel, chestnut, oak or holm oak. Very similar to these is also the group of trees that produces fleshy fruits that dry out over time. Walnut and almond trees are part of the game.

Classification of fruit trees

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