Mexican food with fresh chilies from the garden

If you like the cuisine of the highlands , you will have to nourish yourself with some ingredients originating in Latin America that are widely used to prepare those characteristic dishes, so full of flavor and aromas.

Mexican food, for example, is nourished by the different varieties of peppers , which are used in different ways in their recipes. Today we are going to focus on chilies, a variety of hot chili that has a great personality and that is why it is an ingredient widely used by cooks.


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Something about chilli

The chilli belongs to the Capsicum family that brings together all the peppers and, within it, the chili peppers, which in turn are divided into a set of varieties, such as the Jalapeño, the Ñora seeds or the Tahi chili.

chilli peppers

Its incisive and spicy flavor is characteristic in addition to its appearance: small, elongated and furiously red in color.

Originally from America , it’s time to learn about the cultivation process.

chillies in the garden

The necessary conditions are the following: a place with full sun , a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius at night and 25 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day; a fertile soil rich in manure .

Before sowing, let the seeds sit in water for a couple of days, then plant in seedbeds and water to moisten the soil. After germination and when the seedling has four or five pairs of leaves, transplant it into a pot of at least 10 cm. diameter.

chilli peppers

Locate it in a sunny spot and water moderately . Check the plant to avoid the typical diseases of this family: aphids, red spider, thrips, leaf miners and diseases such as Pythium, which rots the roots.

Harvesting can take place from mid-summer to mid-autumn. You can tell that the fruits are ripe when they are deep red. Collect and place your chillies in a dry and ventilated place.

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