Vertical hydroponics, the A-frame Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Today we present a hydroponic system which is ideal for those who have little space and want to grow their own food. The system is called A-frame Hydroponic Vertical Garden , and it has been manufactured in East Asia.

You can even expand and make it bigger. In this way more plants could be grown without any problem. Are you interested in knowing how it works? We’ll tell you then.


It is made of low-cost materials, including the boards for the structure, PVC pipe and tubes for water circulation, as well as valves to control the flow of water and drainage. Not counting the plastic bag for the deposit.

Up to 168 plants can be grown , an incredible number considering how little space this system takes up. You can have all kinds of plants: basil, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, any small vegetable plant you can think of!

home hydroponics

The one in the photo above is a homemade hydroponic system, made with wood. Hydroponics offers numerous advantages over traditional cultivation, and they are the following:

  • better use of available space
  • best pest control
  • therefore, the plants will grow healthy and strong
  • facilitates cross-pollination, and the appearance of species with the desired characteristics

But also some drawbacks:

  • the task of pollination, in the case of hydroponic systems that are indoors, will fall to the farmer
  • plants need food to grow, so it is very necessary to fertilize from time to time

It is a topic that many discuss. There are those who are in favor, and there are those who are not. The truth is that any cultivation system that helps to have fresher and healthier food is very interesting, don’t you think?

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