Types and varieties of verbenas

Verbena is an aromatic plant that is widely cultivated throughout the world. It is a creeping plant with woody leaves that is not very demanding and can grow anywhere with sun and well-drained soil.

But to start growing verbena, you need to know which variety to choose, since you have to keep in mind that there are more than 250 species .

Many varieties

The garden verbena or Verbena X hybryda is the most widely grown in gardens, an evergreen variety that grows and performs best in warm climates. Although it can grow upwards, it most often develops sideways, so you have to have a wide surface.

But among the main varieties we also have the following verbenas:

The purple medicinal verbena or Verbena bonariensis owes its name to its purple flowers and is a variety that can be found in Argentina and Brazil, although it is also cultivated in western Europe. It is resistant to drought and its flowering occurs from summer to autumn.

The blue verbena or Verbena Astata is found in the United States and Canada, it has pointed leaves and flowers that are also purple although very small. This variety is used for medicinal purposes.

Verbena bonariensis

Festivals of South America

The Verbena of Peru owes its name to the cultivation area from which it originates. It is a creeping verbena with oval leaves that is used in ornamentation due to the way it spreads.

Very different is the pink verbena or Verbena laciniata , a variety that also grows in South America that has gray-green leaves and bluish flowers.

Unlike the creeping versions, the tuberous verbena can reach about 60 cm in height as it has erect stems and pale violet flowers.

Verbena tenuisecta

Known as Yerba de los Encantados, the field verbena is also erect and grows wild in Chile. Its flowers are bluish-white in color and it is widely used in medicine.

In some areas of Argentina and Chile, the verbena moss or verbena tenuisecta also grows , a variety that forms dense bushes and due to its similarity to the more classic mosses it has been named like this. The flowers are lilac in color and it grows in dry and warm soils.

Types and varieties of verbenas

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