How to plant an avocado tree

I love avocado ! That is why I want to grow it at home in order to savor this energetic fruit with so many beneficial properties for the body.

Planting an avocado tree is not a difficult task, it all starts with the fruit itself because a large tree can grow from its pit.


  • 1 The importance of the seed
  • 2 The process

The importance of the seed

The first thing then is to preserve the pit . You can buy an avocado, open it in half and then extract the pit, always taking care not to cut it. Then you have to wash it in water to remove any rest of the fruit but always keeping its brown skin.


Beyond the fact that all the pits are not the same, they are all round in shape and have a base, somewhat flatter, and an upper end, located opposite it. Once the base is found, it must be submerged in water so that the roots begin to grow. To do this, you can help yourself by placing some sticks in the pit so that it is then suspended and only the base of it is submerged.

The process


Ideally, you should change the water daily to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, although some recommend doing it every 5 to 7 days. Little by little and over the next 8 weeks, the pit will develop and change its appearance: the upper part will dry out and form a crust that will then spread to the base. Then it will break in two and the root will appear, which will grow until a sprout peeks out of the top of the pit. In this process it is important that the root always remains submerged.

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