Protect your plants from the cold winter

Do you have plants that you need to  protect from the  cold , recently acquired or tropical? If so, this article is for you. We will show you some methods to avoid, as much as possible, that your most delicate plants notice the cold and can continue growing normally as soon as the sun dresses in spring and its solar rays can touch the earth with more force.

Tips that are very easy to carry out and that will not take us much time.


  • 1 First method: plastic containers
  • 2 Second method: greenhouses for horticultural plants
  • 3 Third method: thermal blanket

First method: plastic containers


Plastic containers, such as bottles,  are great as a mini-greenhouse , since in addition to protecting the plant from the cold, it means that there  are a few degrees warmer inside the bottle than outside . In addition,  it maintains humidity , which is great when it comes to protecting plants that need high humidity. I recommend poking holes in the bottle, or uncovering the plant on warmer days or times. This will prevent the fungi from having time to appear. We can also add a little fungicide to prevent.

It is a method that can be used when there are few delicate plants, but also in cases of early germination, that is, to protect seeds or seedlings that have germinated prematurely.

Second method: greenhouses for horticultural plants


If we have horticultural plants planted and we want to protect them from frost, then we can make use of  special greenhouses for orchards . These types of greenhouses are attached to the ground, and prevent the plants from being damaged by frost or cold.

In addition, it will also help us prevent leaf eaters from eating them.

Third method: thermal blanket

Protect with thermal blanket

It is a very effective method when it comes to protecting trees, whether in pots or in the ground. The thermal blanket is made in such a way to  prevent the plant from feeling the cold . It would be the equivalent of a coat.

They are very cheap, they hardly weigh anything, and they can be cut to the size we need.

These are just three methods that will help your plants get through the winter as well as possible. There are a few more, but we will see them next time.

Protect your plants from the cold winter

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