Grow a lemon tree at home

My father-in-law has a beautiful lemon tree in his garden that can be enjoyed from the kitchen window. During the season, he gives away magnificent fruits that we enjoy in lemonades, with meats or in marinades.

Fruit trees are always a good option to have in the garden not only because of their natural beauty but also because with them we will have fresh and natural fruits. If you want to plant a lemon tree you can start researching about it.

The scientific name of this fruit tree is Citrus limon and it is a medium to large, strong-growing tree with an open crown, white flowers and evergreen, aromatic leaves with thorns on the branches.

The lemon tree needs to be in a protected place, although in full sun , because it is very sensitive to frost. During the winter, it is recommended to protect it with plastic to prevent it from suffering excessive cold. At the time of watering, hard water must be avoided, that is, those with excess salts.

From time to time, it will be necessary to prune the tree and shorten it in order to take care of its growth and so that it is balanced, thus achieving good air circulation. Thinning and pruning will help to have a better harvest. On the other hand, it is recommended to prevent diseases because if the crown of the tree is very closed, the probability of attacks by mealybugs increases. Other frequent enemies of the lemon tree are ants, mites and aphids. Among the most common diseases are gummosis and sooty mold.

When harvesting the lemon tree, the fruit must be carefully separated from the tree. The time for harvesting is between June and March.

Ideal for the garden and for health care, the lemon is a highly recommended fruit due to its low fat content and its supply of vitamin C. On the other hand, it helps to absorb iron from food, it is favorable for the metabolism and It is an antioxidant so it protects cells.

Grow a lemon tree at home

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