What are the advantages of liquid fertilizers?

In order for our plants to look healthy and beautiful, it will be very necessary to fertilize them throughout their growing season, which usually coincides with the spring and summer months. They, just like us, need nutrients so that their bodies can perform their functions correctly.

There are two types of fertilizers on the market: solid and liquid. Both can be very useful to us at some point, but the latter are especially recommended for potted plantsBelow we explain what the advantages of liquid fertilizers are .

Liquid fertilizers can be classified between organic and mineral. Let us know what are the advantages of each one:


organic liquid fertilizers

Tomato in seedbed

This type of fertilizer, being organic matter, is the most advisable when you want to fertilize horticultural plants or the orchard, since they do not negatively affect either the plant beings themselves or the fauna that lives on the earth . For this reason, we will not have to wait for the security period to end before we can collect the fruit, since they do not have such a period.

Likewise, it should be noted that they allow plant beings to have natural growth and development ; that is to say, the roots will take only what they need, making the plants grow really healthy, which in turn will allow the farmer or gardener to enjoy a more productive and beautiful orchard or garden.

mineral liquid fertilizers

Rebutia spinossissima in flower

This type of fertilizers have a faster absorption , since the roots can absorb the nutrients directly when they are in a soluble state. Also, as these types of products have the ideal pH for taking these nutrients, growth can be accelerated.

Today we can buy fertilizers for each type of plant; However, I would like to say something that I think is very important: we have been so concerned that they do not lack nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), three essential macronutrients for plants, that  we have left the rest of the nutrients a little aside that are also necessary , such as calcium, iron or manganese.

Which is better? From my point of view, the organic ones are more advisable , but for example cacti cannot absorb it directly because in their place of origin there is hardly any organic matter to decompose , so their root system is not prepared for it and needs fertilizers minerals to get ahead.

With the other plants -except with the horticultural ones, which must be fertilized with organic fertilizers- I recommend you combine them: using one one month and the other the following month. That way you won’t miss anything.

What are the advantages of liquid fertilizers?

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