Differences between cherry and picota

At the end of June the cherries usually come to an end, however, it is nothing to worry about, since right after that, the time of the cherry trees arrives .

But do you really know the differences between both fruits that are so similar?


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Differences between cherry and pillory

cherry fruit

The main difference that exists between the cherry and the pillory is due to the absence of the pendulum that the pillory has , which usually comes off naturally from the fruit when it falls from the tree and is that the cherries, for their part, begin to fall from the tree. tree at the time they reach their proper point of maturation and are usually collected together with the pendulum. In the case of the pillory, it remains attached to the tree for the duration of its manual harvesting process.

However, there are much more notable differences between the two fruits if the flavor, texture and characteristic color of both are taken into account, and that is that the cherry is usually much firmer, redder in color, with harder meat and also It crunches on the first bite.

In the case of the cherry, this is usually composed of approximately 85% water , its flavor turns out to be slightly more acidic , although this varies according to the level of maturity of the fruit, which causes it to reduce and flies more or less sweet.

Other differences between cherry and picota

The cherry is usually highly appreciated and this is because it has certain features that allow it to be different from the cherry , which are usually to the taste of a large number of people. These features of the picota can be appreciated mainly and at the time of eating them, since they have a quite intense sweet flavor , which is mixed with a little acidity , in addition in each bite it is possible to appreciate their compact meat which is almost crunchy.

However, before putting the cherry in your mouth , you have to be clear that it really is a cherry and not some other type of cherry and for this, you only have to pay attention to the following three characteristics :

the tail


the tail of the pillory is usually its most characteristic feature, since the pillory, as we have already mentioned, does not have a pendulum, because at the moment they are picked up from the tree, they usually lose it naturally as a result of less consistency when grasping the fruit .

That is why the pillory has a small clean “scar” in the area of ​​the stem, unlike other varieties of cherries, which are commonly sold with the stem or are usually removed to make them look like the pillory, although these are usually have a moist “scar” that allows microorganisms to enter the fruit.

The size

Contrary to what most people believe, the pillory actually has a smaller size compared to other varieties. For example, california cherries or navalinda cherries are often prized for their size, as they range in size from about 32mm . And in the case of the pillory, the size is commonly between 24-26 mm.

The shape

The cherry is a quite particular variety, since it has a slightly pointed shape, so it is a little less rounded than the shape of the other varieties of cherries that are known.

In addition to the characteristics of the cherry that we have mentioned, it is necessary to take into account that the harvest season of the cherry is usually later , so while most of the varieties of cherries begin to be harvested from the end of the month of April to early July , the pillory is usually harvested from mid-June to mid-August.

Differences between cherry and picota

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