When and how to water plants in spring

As temperatures rise, the soil warms and plants gradually resume growth. Some choose to bloom, others instead fill with leaves while the animals welcome the most colorful season of the year: spring.

During these three months, the garden and the pots will need to be supplied with water, but not as much as they will need in the summer. Controlling irrigation is not always easy, but that does not have to worry you. After reading this article you will know when and how to water plants in spring .


  • 1 When do you have to water them?
  • 2 How to water plants in spring?

When do you have to water them?


You might think that the best time to water the plants is early in the morning, before the sun peeks over the horizon, but I recommend that you do it in the afternoon , and I’ll tell you why: although it is true that during spring the sun is not yet very intense, when watering in the afternoon, for example at six o’clock, the roots will have about 15-18 hours to be able to absorb all the water they need; On the other hand, if it is watered in the morning, they will barely have 8 or 9 hours.

In addition, at the beginning of the season the soil can be kept moist for several days (depending on the climate in our area and where we have the plants), but as summer approaches it will dry more quickly, so we will have to water more often. If we get used to doing it in the afternoon, which is when we have to water during the hottest season, the plants will always have water available .

How to water plants in spring?

Watering the plants.

Leaves and flowers should never be wet.

In order for the plants to have access to the precious water, it is necessary to water it in such a way that only the soil is moistened, and not the plants. There are two ways to do it:

  • Placing a plate under them and filling it with water : it is the most suitable way to water carnivorous and semi-aquatic plants, since they need a lot of humidity. In the case of using it for other plants, you have to remove the water that is left over 30-40 minutes after watering.
  • Direct the watering can to the ground and water : it is the most recommended way to water the rest of the plants.

However, it will be useless to water correctly if the frequency is not adequate. In other words: whether we water a lot or a little, the plant will have a hard time. Therefore, we must check the humidity of the earth, and for that we can do several things:

  • Introduce a thin wooden stick : if when you take it out it comes out practically clean, it will be time to water.
  • Use a moisture meter : it will instantly tell us what degree of humidity there is. To make it more reliable, we must introduce it in other areas: near the main stem, near the edge.
  • Take the pot before watering and again after a few days : moist soil weighs more than when it is dry, so we can guide ourselves by that to know when we have to give our plant water.
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When and how to water plants in spring

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