When to transplant a plant

One of the care that we have to provide to our potted plants is the transplant. Being in a container, the roots develop so much over time that they end up using up all the nutrients in the substrate. When that happens, growth stops and your health can weaken.

To avoid this, it is very important to know when to transplant a plant . This way we can make sure that it will be able to continue growing without problems.


  • 1 When should you transplant?
  • 2 How to do it?

When is it necessary to transplant?

potted succulents

The best time to transplant a plant is in spring , when the risk of frost has passed. However, we must bear in mind that there is an exception: the tropical plants that we have inside our homes. These, being native to places where the climate is warm throughout the year, resume their growth later (in May-June in the Northern Hemisphere) if they are in temperate zones. But how do you know if they need to be transplanted? Very easy:

  • Roots come out of drainage holes.
  • It has stopped growing.
  • Its leaves begin to turn ugly, with yellow or brown tips.
  • After flowering the first year, it has not done so again.
  • Has not been transplanted since purchased.

How to do it?

potted plant

If you have to transplant your plant, here we explain step by step how you should do it:

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare a new pot and fill it with a little substrate (in this article you have more information on this subject). The pot must be at least 2-3cm wider than the one you already had.
  2. Next, remove the plant from its old pot. If you see that it does not come out, give it a few taps on the sides.
  3. Then, insert it into its new pot and check that it is 1-2cm below the edge. If it’s too high or too low, add or remove soil.
  4. Then, finish filling with substrate.
  5. Finally, give it a generous watering.
When to transplant a plant

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