Cherry cultivation

Cherry blossoms warn that spring has arrived and is accompanied by warm and long summer days in which you can enjoy the taste of this delicious and juicy fruit .

Whether you prefer to eat them straight from the tree or bake them into a cake, cherries are synonymous with all the fun you can have in the summer sun . 


  • 1 How do you know when to grow cherries?
  • 2 Another essential point about cherry trees is knowing how to harvest their fruits

How do you know when to grow cherries?

How to know when to grow cherries

Depending on the cherry variety, temperature and weather , it can be established when the cherry harvest is near. In order to maximize the production of cherries, it is best to plant them in moist soil , which is drained and very fertile, preferably in an area that has full exposure to sunlight for at least 8 hours. daily.

Like any other fruiting tree , the cherry tree has to be properly pruned in order to obtain a good production.

In the same way, they have to be kept under surveillance, in order to prevent any type of disease or an infestation of bacteria and fungi , which could quickly affect the quantity and quality of their fruits. It is necessary to keep in mind that only insects are not the ones that feed on this fruit, but also that birds love to eat them as much as people do.

You can choose to share the cherries with the birds or you could completely cover the tree with some plastic netting or choose to use methods that make the birds afraid, for example you can hang some aluminum cans or several inflatable balloons on the branches in order to to keep the birds away.

Another essential point about cherry trees is knowing how to harvest their fruits.

cherries with different colors

An average sized mature cherry tree will yield approximately 30 to 50 kilos of delicious cherries annually, while a small cherry tree can yield 10 to 15 kilos , allowing for many cherry pies.

The sugar content of cherries increases its level significantly during the last days of its ripening process, so we recommend that you wait a while and harvest the fruits once they are completely red .

To know when the cherries are ready, you need to make sure they are firm and completely red.

Sweet cherries usually come off the stem once they are competently ripe for harvest, while other varieties of cherries require a taste to see if they are truly ripe .

When you have harvested all the cherries you can store them where they are at a cool temperature between 32 and 35 degrees , for about ten days. If they haven’t ripened when harvested, you can ripen them by putting them in perforated plastic bags and placing them in the refrigerator.

Cherry cultivation

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