How to grow stevia

Stevia rebaudiana is a very interesting medicinal herbaceous plant, especially for diabetics. It has many beneficial properties that we can take advantage of to enjoy better health. However, for this it is necessary that we provide a series of special care.

For this reason, we are going to explain how to grow stevia .


How is it grown?

Stevia rebaudiana in flower

Stevia rebaudiana can be easily propagated by cuttings during spring and summer . Although it produces flowers, once they are pollinated the seeds have a hard time germinating, which is why sowing is a method not used by gardeners. To get new specimens of this incredible plant, you must follow these steps :

  1. The first thing to do is fill a pot about 20cm in diameter with universal growing substrate.
  2. Afterwards, it is watered well, so that it is well soaked.
  3. Next, a 10cm stem that does not have a flower is cut, and the 2-3 leaves at the bottom are removed.
  4. Then, it is planted in the pot and placed outside in an area where it does not get direct sunlight.
  5. Around a month, the cutting will have rooted and will have started to emit new leaves, which will be when it can be moved to an area with more light.

Care and maintenance

Overview of Stevia rebaudiana

Once you have your plant, you will surely want to know how to take care of it, right? Well, here is your care guide:

  • Irrigation : every 2-3 days in summer, and every 4-5 days the rest of the year. It is always best to let the soil dry out a bit before watering.
  • Fertilizer : It is highly recommended to use liquid organic fertilizer, such as guano, following the instructions specified on the container during spring and summer.
  • Transplant or planting time : whether you want to change the pot or move it to the garden, you can do it in spring.
  • Hardiness : withstands light frosts down to -3ºC.

Why and how is it used?

Dried leaves of Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia is a plant that helps regulate blood sugar levels , but it is also bactericidal and antioxidant, improves the immune system, fights certain fungi such as Candida albicans , and also serves as a healing agent . It can be consumed in different ways:

  • Dry plant : we will put 2 grams of dry leaf in 250ml of water and we will put it to boil. We will take this infusion in the morning and at night.
  • Green plant : 4 green leaves before or during breakfast, and 4 more leaves before or during dinner.
Stevia rebaudiana stem
How to grow stevia

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