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Today we are going to talk about the Brazil nut. It is a seed and not a nut as it is thought to be. It constitutes a natural panacea and originates from the Amazon region in South America. This seed is also known as Amazon nut, chestnut or coquito from Brazil. Its scientific name is Bertholletia excelsa and it can be found in the main forests of Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and other countries of the South.

If you want to know all the characteristics and properties that it has for the body, in this article you will be able to discover everything. Read on and learn all about the Brazil nut.


  • 1 Main features
  • 2 Healthy and medicinal properties
    • 2.1 Antioxidant properties and improvement of the immune system
    • 2.2 Protective property of the cardiovascular system and against cancer
    • 2.3 Perfect for losing weight and for hair
    • 2.4 Acne removal and cholesterol reduction
  • 3 Who can take it?

main features

brazil nuts

The seed comes from a huge and long-lived wild tree that is capable of reaching 50 meters in height. They are ancient trees, since they can live approximately a thousand years. It produces a large, round fruit similar to a coconut (hence the name coquito de Brasil). Inside they have 20 seeds considered with great nutritional wealth and can be consumed in different ways. It can be consumed both raw with and without skin, toasted, salted or insipid.

The Brazil nut is often used in pastries and can often be found in different recipes for cakes, cookies and candies. Among its nutritional values ​​we find a high protein level and a significant amount of healthy fats. It is also rich in amino acids that can be of great help to all those who have nutritional problems or for high-performance athletes who need more energy. As for their vitamins, they have large amounts of vitamins such as A, C, E and those of group B.

It has important minerals to complete a balanced diet such as selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, copper, zinc and calcium. The Brazil nut also has high fiber levels.

Healthy and medicinal properties

The coquitos from Brazil have great health benefits if taken in any of its different forms. Let’s analyze each of its properties:

Antioxidant properties and improvement of the immune system

Natural habitat

They have great antioxidant power due to their high content of selenium and vitamin E. Thanks to the union of this mineral with the vitamin, it strengthens our body, giving it the ability to combat free radicals. In this way we manage to save ourselves from the possible damage that is done to the cells and delaying the devastating effects of aging.

As for the benefits of the immune system, we find a reinforcement thanks to the seeds. The consumption of them helps us to increase the level of our defenses and the possibility of contracting flu or infections.

Protective property of the cardiovascular system and against cancer

Brazil nut properties

Another property that has been found in scientific studies is that of protecting our heart health, since it prevents various cardiovascular diseases.

Thanks to the wealth of minerals and vitamins, the Brazil nut is considered a perfect food to prevent some types of cancer such as stomach, lung and breast cancer. These seeds are also advantageous for people with iodine deficiency, people with gastritis and people with cholesterol problems. In turn, this seed is used to treat male impotence.

Perfect for weight loss and hair

disease reduction

Another property of the Brazil nut is to burn fat. The amount of fiber they have is a perfect tool when it comes to regulating our appetite. When this type of food is consumed, a feeling of satiety is produced that neutralizes hunger and prevents food from being eaten in an inappropriate way. In this way, we will be avoiding the possibilities of increasing body weight.

The nutritional richness of this food and its high content of healthy fats can help us get rid of targeted fats in various areas of the body. For these reasons, moderate consumption of Brazil nuts is recommended for those who have obesity problems and those who want to regulate their weight.

As for the hair, the consumption of this food can ensure that your hair is long, abundant and, above all, healthy. Hair growth depends directly on the amount of nutrients that the body receives from food. The amount of vitamins and minerals present in the seeds of the Brazilian coquitos can help you accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Brazil nuts should be eaten in moderation. If done this way, it can even add shine to your hair naturally. In this way, you can solve hair growth problems or if your hair is very dull.

Acne removal and cholesterol reduction

acne reduction

As we have mentioned before, these seeds have a large amount of selenium. Selenium is considered one of the minerals par excellence for skin care. The intake of Brazil nuts can help eliminate acne and other dermatological problems. It also has high concentrations of zinc, used to solve skin problems and is very effective against acne.

If we eat these nuts weekly, it can protect us to prevent strokes. Scientific studies showed considerable evidence that these seeds can generate a very positive effect on heart health and provide the body with a quantity of healthy fats that give us the possibility of reducing bad cholesterol that can seriously harm our health.

Who can take it?

Used in pastry recipes

Pregnant women should NOT eat this type of food , since various studies have shown that there is a high risk of the baby being born with asthma problems.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended for people who suffer from thyroid. They are very advantageous for these people, since selenium acts as a raw material for thyroid hormone and the large amount of it is ideal for regulating the thyroid. However, if you are taking medications to regulate thyroid function that contain levothyroxine, it is best not to take them, as they can reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

Brazil nuts have been found to contain the highest amount of selenium possible compared to other foods. Only 26 grams of this dried fruit has more than 7 times the recommended daily level of selenium. Therefore, its consumption must be frugal and prudent.

Brazil nut

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