How to attract ladybugs to the garden?

Beetles are insects that do not usually like much. Their shiny black bodies and small, spindly legs make many humans repel them. However, there are some that are very different: ladybugs.

We don’t know if it is because they have been one of the most beloved cartoon characters, because of their faces or because of how important they are for the ecosystem, but the truth is that being visited by these incredible animals is as if nature He was offering us a gift . Would you like to open it? 🙂


  • 1 What are ladybugs like?
  • 2 How to attract ladybugs to the garden?
    • 2.1 Do not use chemical products
    • 2.2 Plant lots of cheerful plants and flowers
    • 2.3 Reserve a corner for native herbs
    • 2.4 Put some drinkers in different areas
  • 3 What do I do if I can’t get them to come?
  • 4 How to use them to eliminate pests?

How are ladybugs?


Our protagonists are insects called Coleoptera that belong to the Cucujoidea family. They have a rounded body, with red wings with rounded black spots . They are very small, barely 1cm long, but they are the best allies that every gardener can have to prevent pests, since they feed mainly on aphids, but also on mites, mealybugs, or caterpillars.

As a curiosity, to say that the red color of his body is not accidental . In nature, for an animal to be of such a striking color is a sign that it is toxic, so that it can lead a normal life without having to worry, at least not too much. In the case of ladybugs, there are a number of animals that have become their potential enemies: birds, spiders, wasps, dragonflies and frogs. For this reason, they often hide in areas where there are many plants.

What is its life cycle?

Female ladybugs lay thousands of eggs near colonies of potential prey, which will hatch within a week. The larvae are usually black with orange and white spots, although the color will depend on the species of ladybug in question.

To reach adults, they will go through 4 different phases, the first three being larval, and the last being pupal. Life expectancy is very short, three years.

How to attract ladybugs to the garden?

Marigold officinalis

Marigold officinalis

Now that we know a little more about the life of these amazing insects, what could be better than doing a few things in the garden to attract them? In this way, we will save a lot of money on insecticides while taking care of our plants.

If you like the idea, follow our advice and you will see how sooner than you expect you will receive your visit:

Don’t use chemicals

Chemical products, both pesticides and manures and fertilizers, not only eliminate non-beneficial insects, but also those that are. For this reason, it is highly advisable to avoid the use of these products and opt for home and organic remedies .

Plant lots of cheerful plants and flowers

Ladybugs love places full of plants , especially if they produce cheerful flowers, such as marigolds , daisies, chrysanthemums or alders. We also advise you to plant dill , fennel and/or chamomile , as their flowers are full of pollen, which they will undoubtedly like.

Reserve a corner for native herbs

We know that herbs are normally cut, since they grow so fast that there comes a time when they cover the plants that make up the garden. But keep in mind that thanks to them there are many insects that can live and develop without problems, such as ladybugs, so it is always highly recommended to leave them a corner, or choose to plant those that you like the most .

Put some waterers in different areas

These insects must not only eat, but also drink. To get them to come, it is convenient to put some not very high drinkers, filled with fresh and clean water . Thus, it is likely that they will decide to visit you on more than one occasion, which will be very beneficial for your plants.

What do I do if I can’t get them to come?

Sometimes it may happen that in the area where you are there are no ladybugs, or there are so few that they are not seen. If you are in this situation, don’t worry. Today it is easy to buy larvae or adults in online stores or specialized centers . They are very cheap: 50 larvae cost around €30, and 25 adult ladybugs can cost around €24. As you can see, for a little money you can get a few families of these insects.

To make their stay in your garden even more pleasant, you can buy a shelter specially designed for them, and place it in an area where there is abundant grass.

How to use them to eliminate pests?

ladybug flying

If you have plants that are being attacked by pest insects, such as aphids, you simply have to spray the plant beings, leave one or two ladybugs on the leaves and wait for them to feed on the pest , thus improving the appearance of the plant.

And with this we end. We hope that this special article has been useful to you to have a healthier garden and plants.

How to attract ladybugs to the garden?

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