How to make a chicken coop in your garden

If you want to buy some chickens or, if it has happened to you like me that two have sneaked into your garden, you will need to make them a chicken coop to keep them under control. These birds can become dangerous animals for plants since, unless they have feed, they will not hesitate for a moment to eat them.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to dedicate half a day to make them a little house where they can feel safe. Let ‘s see how to build a chicken coop .


  • 1 Make a paper drawing of the chicken coop
  • 2 Choose the location
  • 3 Build the chicken coop

Make a paper drawing of the chicken coop

The first thing to do is decide what the chicken coop will look like. The size will vary depending on what type it is and how many animals you want to have (or have). Therefore, it is important to know the different types that exist, which are:

  • Without corral : it is the most basic. It consists of a closed physical structure. Each hen must have at least 1.5m2 of surface on which to move.
  • With corral : it is a little more difficult to build, but with it your chickens will have more space to move around. Each bird must have at least 60cm2 of surface in the chicken coop part, and 1m2 in the corral part.
  • Winter : although the hens can be in their usual coop in winter if the temperature is mild or warm, if we live in an area where winters are cold it will be important to build a more protected coop for them. In it, each animal must have at least 1.5m2 of surface.

Don’t forget to provide them with a nesting area, which should be at least 2m long and 60cm above ground level.

Choose the location

Once you have decided what the chicken coop will be like, you have to decide on the location. Chickens like to be in the sun very much, so it is highly advisable to place what will be their shelter in an area where they can be exposed to the sun .

But, yes, they must also be able to have shade for the summer, so building it near a series of large trees is an excellent option, since they can sunbathe whenever they want; and that’s not to mention that you will get a higher egg production.

Build the chicken coop

Image –

Now, it’s time to move on to the most interesting part: the construction. To do this, you can use doghouses that are no longer useful to you, sheds,… On this occasion, we are going to tell you how to build a simple chicken coop with a corral using pallets.

  1. Shred the pallets and remove the nails : this step should be done well. With the help of a hammer and tongs, all the nails must be removed to prevent them from harming the hens tomorrow.
  2. Check that you have all the necessary planks : place the planks on the floor, together, and then measure them to see if you have any missing or extra for the floor. Do the same for the walls and for the ceiling.
  3. Assemble the structure : With the help of a hammer or a drill and nails, build the chicken coop. If necessary, cut the boards with a small handsaw so that it is well assembled.
    Place a long plank of wood on the roof.
  4. Make the entrance – With the help of a ruler and a pencil or pen, make the lines of the door frame. Using a power wood saw, cut along the lines to make the entrance to the chicken coop ready.
  5. Make a little window : through it you will be able to get the eggs out without your hens feeling uncomfortable. Through it, your hand must pass without problems, but it must not be too big since otherwise they could come out.
  6. Protect the chickens against the rain : place a plastic sheet on the plank of the chicken coop to prevent the birds from getting wet. You can fasten it with nails.
  7. Build the Barnyard – Put the chicken coop in its final location, and finish it off by building a nice barnyard. To do this, you have to place iron rods leaving a distance of about 50cm between them. Bury them about 30cm so that they are well attached. Once finished, place metal mesh (grid) and secure it to the rods with zip ties or wire. The chicken coop must be inside.
  8. Finish the chicken coop : now all that remains is to put straw inside the chicken coop to make them comfortable, a drinker and a feeder. To make it more original you can decorate it with drawings of chickens.

Following these steps, you will be this beautiful:

Image –

When you have the chicken coop finished, you have to ask the hens what they think of their new home. To do this, take them carefully, and install them on it. If you see that they continue with their usual routine, they will surely love it; In the event that it seems that they are not convinced, do not worry. Give them a few days and you’ll see how they end up liking them.

How to make a chicken coop in your garden

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