How to make painted pots

If you are tired of seeing the typical brown or black color of the pots, now you can have new containers just by giving them a little paint. Surely they will be very original since you can take the opportunity to give them the style that you like the most.

Don’t know how to make painted pots? Don’t worry. It is a very simple, fast and economical technique; Besides, it can be the perfect excuse for the whole family to do something together while they have a great time drawing and/or painting the potted plants.


  • 1 What materials are needed to paint pots?
  • 2 Step by step – Painting the pots

What materials are needed to paint pots?

Flower pot

To paint pots what is needed is:

  • Pot, either clay or ceramic.
  • Brush, small brush for details and large brush for the rest of the drawing.
  • Water container.
  • A container to clean the brushes.
  • Colorful acrylic paint.

In the event that, like me, you are not good at drawing, I recommend you also use a plastic template that you will find for sale in any bookstore or bazaar (the old 100-peseta everything stores).

Step by step – Painting the pots

Once you have everything, follow this step by step to give your pots

another color:

  1. The first thing to do is clean them well with water to remove dirt.
  2. Next, give it a coat of acrylic paint with a little water to seal, and let it dry well.
  3. Then, if you want to make polka dots or other drawings, place the template and fill in the circles or shapes you have chosen with a brush.
  4. Finally, they must be allowed to dry well before using them.

And ready. So easy and fast you can have your pots decorated to your liking.

How to make painted pots

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