How to repel spiders

Spiders. There are many people who fear them, and others who simply do not want to have them around. Although every insect has its role in the ecosystem (also in gardens), when you have a phobia of them or when there are small children, it is recommended to take some measures, since we may live in an area where there are poisonous species.

What measures are those? Which we are going to tell you right now. Find out how to repel spiders .


  • 1 Turn off the garden lights
  • 2 Avoid putting plants on the perimeter of your house
  • 3 Put some horse chestnuts or Osage orange trees in the corners
  • 4 Spray with peppermint oil

turn off the garden lights

garden lights

Lights on by themselves don’t attract spiders, but they do attract insects that feed on them. For this reason, if you want to avoid them, we advise you to turn off the garden lights when you don’t need them . In this way, these inhabitant arachnids will not have the intention of paying a visit to your green corner.

Avoid putting plants on the perimeter of your house

I know. Without plants it will no longer look the same. But vegetation attracts spiders like honey attracts bears, so at least around the perimeter it’s best not to put pots or plants in the ground . In the case of those you have already placed, consider relocating them in an area far from your home.

Put some horse chestnuts or Osage orange trees in the corners

Maclura pomifera

Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)

To make sure spiders won’t bother you, you can put a couple of horse chestnuts or Osage orange trees in each corner of your home . Of course, for it to have more effect, you must pierce them to release the aroma.

Spray with peppermint oil

Image –

Peppermint oil gives off an intolerable odor for spiders, which will go in the opposite direction as soon as they detect it. Thus, it is very effective to repel them naturally. Spray with it all the areas where there are spiders or where you think there are , and breathe easy.

Do you know other natural spider repellents?

How to repel spiders

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