How to save water in irrigation

Water is a commodity that is scarce in many parts of the world, which can greatly complicate the task of designing a garden that over time becomes lush. For this reason, it is very important to save whenever possible, but how?

Below we offer you a series of tips that will be very useful for you to know how to save water in irrigation , either from the garden or from your pots.


  • 1 Acquire native plants (or from areas with a similar climate)
  • 2 Choose the best time to water
  • 3 Create windbreaks or build walls
  • 4 Enjoy a »lawn» with ground plants
  • 5 Stores rainwater

Acquire native plants (or from areas with a similar climate)

Carob tree

Carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), a tree native to the Mediterranean that is highly resistant to drought.

It is the most important thing. When you want to have a garden or a terrace that requires low maintenance, the plants must be able to adapt without problems to the conditions of your area . This means that, although they may need a little help during the first year, from the second and, above all, the third they should be able to take care of themselves practically, unless they are in a pot, in which case it would be necessary to continue watering from time to time. from time to time

Choose the best time to water

metallic watering can

To ensure that the water you give to the plants can be absorbed by them and not by the sun, you have to know the best time to water, which is either early in the morning or late in the evening . However, you should know that there are exceptions: if you have recently acquired plants during the fall and, especially during the winter, the best time to water them will be in the middle of the day, when the temperature is a little more pleasant since that way the roots do not They will be so cold. You can even warm the water a little to make them better.

Create windbreaks or build walls

tall hedges

The wind dries out the plants a lot. Protecting the garden from it will help you save water . To do this, you can create tall hedges or walls.

Enjoy a »lawn» with ground plants


Gazania rigens

The lawn is a green carpet that needs to be watered a lot and very often. An alternative to it are groundcover plants , which with their flowers will brighten up the room and the garden. The most suitable are those that are short , such as gazanias , alboradas ( Gypsophila repens ), sea heath ( Frankenia laevis ) or carnation ( Dianthus deltoides ).

Store rainwater


Place large buckets at different points in the garden so that they fill up when it rains. So you can use this water to water the plants for at least a few months.

How to save water in irrigation

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