Steps and details to take into account when creating a garden

If you like gardening and fresh vegetables , you probably have the initiative to make a vegetable garden.

The first thing you should do is designate a piece of garden or a space where you want to grow your garden. Remember that if you do not have enough space to plant, you can also use the containers or pots .

Most people after this, decide what things they want to grow in their gardenPotatoes, onions, and carrots are usually picked first . These vegetables are extremely delicious, but their harvest is being damaged with each passing minute.


  • 1 Steps to create a successful vegetable garden
    • 1.1 Expenses
    • 1.2 Soil type
    • 1.3 Time
  • 2 Having a garden is not totally complicated

Steps to create a successful vegetable garden

Do you want to make your own garden? Keep reading this article and find out how you can do it!


The costs are evaluated mainly based on what you want to plant, so you must make a list of the things you want to harvest in your garden, taking into account the space, profitability and whether or not you have a way to preserve the vegetables that deteriorate. Quick.

Once you have made your list of costs, including other expenses such as fertilizers, land, etc., then you are ready to buy them and evaluate the second aspect.

soil type

It may not seem important, but the soil is a determining factor in terms of the crops you make. For example, if you have a cold clay soil , then in spring the soil will take longer to warm up and the immediate crops will not come out quickly.

On the other hand, the crops that require more time will be abundant and you will also need very little water. So if you have the problem with cold clay soil, we suggest you use raised beds , so the soil can heat up much quicker.

On the contrary, if you have other types of soil, it is likely that your early crops will appear immediately , but after that the soil will be arid and infertile. What you should do is that if your soil is heavy (like cold clay), you should place the crops in containers or pots that do not absorb a lot of water , since the soil will also be responsible for providing water to the crop.

On the other hand, if you have a soil with less hard soil, it is best to place the crops in deep trenches that can be filled with enough water, since these tend to be arid.


It is important that after determining the first two factors, you decide how much time you want to dedicate to your garden , since not all vegetables require the same time of attention and some need less care than others.

There are vegetables which have to be watched all day, while others with just watering them a week grow. For example, a vegetable like a tomato takes about 6 weeks to grow with a juicy flavor and then there are broad beans, which take 2 weeks to grow.

vegetable garden

Asparagus, on the other hand, is basically self-sufficient , since you only have to apply one maintenance routine each year and the crop is not changed for at least 10 years. Remember that some vegetables take longer to grow , plant, and weed than others, so time also becomes an important factor.

The time that you should also take into account is that of the plantations. You must decide during what time of the year you are going to plant the vegetables and in what order you are going to do it so that they are available in the following season.

If you do not have much knowledge about this, you can feel sure that when you buy the seeds, the suppliers will give you catalogs or manuals, so that you can begin to venture into the world of agriculture.

Having a garden is not totally complicated

This is an activity that requires patience , dedication and above all love. If you carry out all your sowings with the greatest delicacy and enthusiasm, you can be sure that the results will be just as fantastic.

Try growing your own food at home!

Steps and details to take into account when creating a garden

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