When to water in winter

Watering is always a complicated task: if you water too little, the plants quickly dry up and die, and if you water too much, fungi infect them and can kill them. Finding the middle ground is difficult during the warm months, but in autumn and winter it is even more difficult since in many parts of the world it is when it rains the most.

To prevent your pots from having problems during the colder months of the year, here ‘s how to water your plants in winter .


  • 1 Check the humidity of the substrate
  • 2 Pay attention to the weather forecasts

Check the humidity of the substrate

black peat

Before watering it is very important that we make sure that the substrate is not wet, since otherwise we would end up giving our plant more water than it needs, suffocating its roots. To do this, we can do several things:

  • Introduce a thin wooden stick (like the ones the Japanese use to eat) in the pot: if when you extract it it comes out with little adhered substrate, it means that it is dry.
  • Use a digital moisture meter : you just have to put it in the pot and we will immediately see how wet it is. To make it more effective, we recommend introducing it at different points, since it may happen that the soil that is closer to the main stem is more humid than the one that is closer to the walls of the pot.
  • Weigh the pot once watered and again after a few days : a freshly watered plant will always weigh more than one with a dry substrate. Writing down or memorizing the weight it has on each of the two occasions will help us know when to water.

Pay attention to the weather forecasts

This is very necessary if we have plants outside. If we water, for example, on Monday and it rains several days in a row from Tuesday on, there will be plants -such as succulents- that may not do them too well. Also, avoid putting a plate under them , and make sure that the substrate has good drainage .

This way your plants will withstand winter better

When to water in winter

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