What is sap?

Animals have blood running through our veins, a fluid that contains water, red and white blood cells, and platelets. It is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of our body. But plants also have their particular “blood”, with the difference that it is transparent and that it has another name: sap .

Thanks to it, all plant beings can live, grow and protect themselves, in a certain way, from the pests that affect them.


  • 1 What is sap?
  • 2 The importance of sap for the gardener or farmer
  • 3 What are the plants of a sap?

What is the sap?

Image - Nature and life

Image – Nature and life

It is the liquid that is transported by the conducting tissue of plants (xylem or phloem). Two types are distinguished:

  • Bruta : it is transported from the roots to the leaves by the woody vessels that constitute the xylem. It mainly contains water and the minerals dissolved in it and growth regulators.
  • Elaborated : it is transported from the leaves and stems to the root by the Liberian vessels that constitute the phloem. Contains water, sugars, phytoregulators and dissolved minerals.

As you can see, it is very important for all plants, since thanks to it they can feed and grow. If they didn’t, they simply wouldn’t exist.

The importance of sap for the gardener or farmer

pruned branch

Pruning at the time of lowest growth is essential to avoid loss of sap.

Knowing exactly what it is is very important for all of us who work with or care for plants, since these living beings produce more during the warm months, when they have a higher growth rate.

For this reason, it should never be pruned in summer , since doing so would lose a lot of sap and it would be difficult for them to recover. In addition, whenever possible, it is important to apply healing paste to seal the wounds, especially if it is bonsai or trees, to reduce the risk of infection.

What are plants of a sap?

grafts on flamboyant

Two-year-old flamboyant, a two-sap plant.

To finish, it is likely that you have heard or hear about the plants of a sap. What is this plant? It is just an ordinary plant that is about a year old .

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What is sap?

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