What to plant in a flowerbed

The planter is a container where you can put many plants and make spectacular compositions. It is very useful when you want to decorate the balcony, the windowsills or the patio , since it can be made of plastic, which is a material that weighs little, or terracotta, which weighs much more and therefore, it is wind resistant.

But do you know what to plant in a window box? There is a wide variety of plants that you can choose from, but we are going to recommend the ones that we believe will grow much better in it. Do not miss it.


Cacti and succulents

Pleiospilos nelliHaworthia limifolia striata ‘Spider White’Crassula barbataEchinopsis oxygonaRebutia senilisMammillaria swinglei

Cacti and succulents are succulents that, due to their size, are many species that can be in window boxes. In fact, with them you can create great compositions. But, of course, there are some that are more recommended than others, so we recommend that you avoid columnar ones , since over time they will need a lot of space to grow.

For their correct development it is advisable that they be planted in sandy substrates , such as akadama, pumice, river sand or similar, in this way the excess water will be able to come out very easily and their roots will always be aerated, thus being able to fulfill their function without problems. .


asplenium nidusPteris hillebrandii

Ferns are plants that are normally used to decorate the interior of the home. They look great wherever they are placed, since their leaves are the most elegant. Its growth rate is slow and its roots are not invasive , so they can be grown in containers as long as a well-draining substrate is used, such as black peat mixed with perlite, and they are protected from direct sun.

Of course, it is advisable to use species that do not grow much , such as those of the genus Asplenium, Nephrolepsis and Pteris, which can be planted either alone or in large planters with other ferns.

flower plants

begonia elatiorPansy (Viola tricolor)Geranium (Pelargonium zonale)

When we talk about flowering plants we refer to all those herbaceous plants that are cultivated for their extraordinary flowers. In nurseries and garden stores, as well as in local markets, you will find a wide variety of them, such as:

  • Begonias : They are perennial plants, but due to their low tolerance to cold in many parts they are grown as a seasonal plant. Even so, its flowers are very pretty, and since they don’t grow more than 20-40cm (depending on the variety) it can be kept in a gardener together with other flowers. The only drawback is that it can only be in partial shade; the sun burns its leaves.
  • Marigolds : these are bi-annual plants, that is, their life cycle lasts two years, and they flower during the second year. The flowers are very reminiscent of those of daisies, being orange. With a height of up to 30cm, they are perfect to have in planters.
  • Geraniums : they are the protagonists of Andalusian patios and balconies in all the warm-temperate regions of the world. Depending on the species, they can grow from 40cm to 80cm. They like full sun and can grow well in partial shade, needing only 2-3 waterings a week to look their best. In addition, they are perennial plants, which means that they are preserved for several years.
  • Pansies : these plants with an annual cycle (that is, they germinate, grow, flower, bear fruit and finally die in just one year) are ideal for decorating the patio or terrace during winter-spring, when their precious flowers are sprouting. They grow to a height of 30cm, and can be grown in the sun or, better, in semi-shade.
  • Among many others, such as rose bushes , bulbous plants , primroses , etc.


If you need ideas to have your beautifully decorated planter, here are a few:

planters with flowers
Plants in flowerpot

What to plant in a flowerbed

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