When to use distilled water for irrigation?

Water is vital. All living beings need to drink it to be hydrated and for all the cells in our body to function. However, not all of us can access quality water such as rainwater, so there is a type of plants that we must water with distilled water .

This is a product from which impurities have been removed, but also mineral salts, such as sodium chloride, better known as salt.


Carnivorous plants are a type of plant beings that are easily recognizable by their traps, which are made for the sole purpose of attracting and catching their prey. Once they get it, they digest it little by little and use it to be able to grow and develop.

They tend to live on land where the soil has so few nutrients that they have been forced to “eat” insects . Taking this into account, one might think that if we irrigate them with tap water, which can have a high salt content, they could take advantage of it to stay alive. But we would be wrong.


The process of adapting plants to a new environment takes a long time, perhaps tens or thousands of years. After several generations, we could begin to see some specimens that are adapting. Thus, we cannot irrigate the carnivores with depending on what type of water, since doing so would cause their roots to die .

Distilled water is, for them, a very good alternative to rainwater. It does not have as much quality as the latter, but they do well as they have a low level of mineral salts. Although if you cannot get it, you can also use air-conditioned or bottled water as long as its dry residue is equal to or less than 100ppm (parts per million).

When to use distilled water for irrigation?

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