How to keep scolopendras away

If there is an animal that usually produces a great creep to most people, it is the scolopendra . And certainly, with its primitive appearance it looks like an earthworm with a lot of legs. However, although it is generally a very feared arthropod, on many occasions that fear is not entirely justified.

It is true that its sting can be fatal, but only in the event of anaphylactic shock, that is, if we are allergic to its venom. Still, there is nothing like prevention, and just in case we are not going to take unnecessary risks. Let ‘s see how to keep scolopendras away.


  • 1 Do not leave organic materials in your garden
  • 2 Use cayenne pepper at entry points
  • 3 Avoid wet areas
  • 4 Seek professional help

Do not leave organic materials in your garden


Do not leave organic material in sight.

The scolopendras feed on insects and other animals, such as spiders or beetles, which find shelter among the piles of wooden sticks or among the remains of pruning. Therefore, to avoid them it is essential to have the garden as clean as possible .

Use cayenne pepper at entry points

Cayenne pepper is a natural repellent for scolopendras and centipedes, so it is highly advisable to spread a thin layer at all points of entry to the home , as well as in those areas of the garden where you do not want them to go.

Avoid wet areas

These animals become dehydrated if they cannot find a moist place , so it is essential to try to prevent the floor of the patio or terrace from being wet for too long. In the event that there are plants, it is highly recommended to put a plate under them, but you have to remember to remove the excess water 10 or 15 minutes after watering so that their roots do not suffocate.

seek professional help

If you have tried all of the above and it has not worked for you, then you will have no choice but to seek professional help.  The fumigator will locate the problem and eliminate it permanently.


Good luck with your fight against the scolopendras

How to keep scolopendras away

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