Drought resistant plants

For those of us who live in a rather dry climate and want to have a low-maintenance garden , it is best to see what plants there are in the area that live with little care. They will be plants resistant to prolonged drought, which will require minimal care during the first and perhaps the second year of being planted in the ground, in order to have a sufficiently developed root system capable of absorbing the little moisture from the soil . Then the maintenance will be minimal, practically nil. The plant will be able to take care of itself, with the rainfall in the area.

Let’s meet some of them.


  • Olive trees ( Olea Europea )
  • Olive trees ( Olea Europea var. sylvestris )
  • Lots of pine trees ( Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea, Pinus pinaster …)
  • Holm oaks ( Quercus ilex )
  • Virtually all of the genus Brachychiton
  • Many acacias, including Acacia saligna and Acacia farnesiana
  • Grevillea robusta
  • Pomegranates ( Punica granatum )
  • Schinus molle
  • Fig tree ( Ficus carica )
  • Almond trees ( Prunus dulcis )


  • Cassia corymbosa
  • Polygala sp.
  • Vitex agnus-castus
  • Teucrium fruticans
  • Rhamnus alaeternus
  • Strawberry trees ( Arbutus unedo )
  • Callistemon citrinus
  • dracaena drake
  • Yucca sp.
  • Pistacea lentiscus
  • Lavandula sp .


  • phoenix canariensis
  • phoenix dactylifera
  • reclining phoenix
  • Parajubaea
  • Butia capitata
  • butia yatay
  • Chamaerops humilis

vivacious flowers

  • Dimorphotheca sp
  • Gazania sp.

The cacti and succulents deserve a separate mention . Much has been said that they resist drought, and in a way it is so. They resist drought better than depending on which tree. But make no mistake: if they are so drought resistant, why aren’t they seen more in gardens? Sometimes it happens that depending on the weather and location in summer, it is convenient to water them once a week, because otherwise the substrate would become so dry that it would become very compact.

The problem is that these types of plants do not have leaves, that is, if they are thirsty at first glance, we will not realize it. However, if they are watered from time to time, instead of sporadically, they will appreciate it.

Drought resistant plants

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