Fruit fly symptoms and treatment

The Drosophila Melanogaster , better known as the fruit fly , is a very small species of fly, which generally reaches 3 to 4 mm in length when entering the adult stage.

Most of these fruit flies have red eyes , however, there are other fruit flies that have dark eyes, they also have a brown thorax and the abdomen of this species of fly is usually gray in color. bottom and black on top.


  • 1 Facts about the fruit fly
  • 2 How to prevent fruit flies
  • 3 How to eliminate this type of insect

Fruit Fly Facts

There are several different species that are currently known around the world and like many other species of insects, these small fruit flies also have a life span that consists of 4 stages , i.e. they start as eggs, then pass to be part of the development process of the larvae, they emerge and enter the period of the adult stage.

In other words, its existence develops around a few days , where the fruit flies have the possibility of consummating their full development, for this they only need at least a week and have the ideal weather conditions. And as adults, these fruit flies can live for around 30 days.

How to prevent fruit flies

how to prevent this pest
It is very difficult to be able to eliminate the common fly , that heavy fly that gets into our house and that is impossible to get rid of, and in the case of these fruit flies it is a little more complicated, since they are attracted to all kinds of organic material that has a little sweetness.

As their name indicates, they are generally found corrupting a fruit, however, fruit flies also have the ability to reproduce both in meat that is in a state of putrefaction, as well as in garbage containers, in huge stains from sugary drinks and even in alcohol. That is why we recommend you wash all the fruit you bring home with plenty of water before putting it in the fridge.

In addition, it is recommended that you regularly clean your drawers, pick up spills and empty your garbage constantly, in order to prevent possible infections caused by fruit flies .

How to eliminate this type of insect

How to eliminate this type of insectThe first steps you must take in order to prevent and combat this dreaded insect is to destroy and eliminate its habitat and its breeding grounds . In general, fruit flies lay their eggs on rotten fruit very frequently. They also do it in any other organic material that is soft and sweet.

If you manage to find a breeding ground for fruit flies inside your home, you should throw away all those fruits that are ripe or slightly deteriorated . Likewise, any fruit or vegetables you buy after this should be kept in the fridge until you discover that the fruit flies have completely disappeared. If you don’t have any fruit or vegetables inside your home that may be attracting these little flies, we recommend checking your garbage, as these flies also often use dirty drains to establish their breeding grounds.

Finally, and after having eliminated each of the breeding sites that fruit flies may have, you could use other control methods . However, to completely eliminate these insects it may be necessary that you have to carry out some type of treatment , although the most important thing you should do is eliminate any type of food that they can access , since by not having food they will gradually die until it completely disappears.

Fruit fly symptoms and treatment

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