How to attract bees to the garden

Bees are the quintessential pollinating insects. Many plants rely on them to transport their pollen from one flower to another. They are so effective that not even humans could replace them. Therefore, what better than inviting them to the home to get a good harvest?

Getting it is much easier than it seems. You do not believe me? Read on to find out how to attract bees to the garden 🙂 .


  • 1 Put plants that attract bees
    • 1.1 Lavender
    • 1.2 Daisy
    • 1.3 Oregano
    • 1.4 Zinnia
  • 2 Use natural products
  • 3 Build a bee shelter

Put plants that attract bees

Although we might think that all plants that produce showy flowers attract these insects, the truth is that they also have their preferences. For this reason, I recommend planting the following plants in your garden:


lavender plant in bloom

It is an off-road plant. It grows in both full sun and semi-shade, and is also drought resistant . Among its many qualities, I highlight above all two: it attracts bees and repels mosquitoes. Interesting, right?

Daisy flower

white daisies

These cheerful flowers will not only give life to your garden, they will also make your plants produce more and better. And you just have to sow the seeds directly into the ground in spring and watch them grow .


oregano flowers

It is a culinary plant that produces so many flowers that bees will not be able to resist them. Place it in an area where it gets direct sunlight , and enjoy taking care of it.


lilac colored zinnia

Easy to care for and reproduce. It only needs direct sunlight, and the ground is moist (but not waterlogged). Its cheerful flowers will not take long to appear.

Use natural products


Fill a spray bottle like this one with your homemade insecticide to make it easier for you to apply it to your plants.

Today we use a lot of pesticides. They are very effective, but they have the drawback that they eliminate all insects, including beneficial ones such as bees. For this reason, whenever possible, it is much better to use home remedies , such as the ones we tell you about in this article .

Build a bee shelter

shelter for bees

Image – Margarita’s garden 

If you want bees to come to your garden, you can build a shelter for them with a piece of dry log. You make some holes with a drill, hang it on a tree, and they will surely appear .

Do you know other ideas for bees to go to the garden?

How to attract bees to the garden

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