How to avoid excess water?

Excess water is the main cause of death of plants. We tend to think that, since water is the liquid that gives life, the more we give them, the better they will grow. But the truth is that, in the same way that we would not feel very well if we drank two liters of water in an hour or less, if we water them in excess the roots will be forced to absorb more water than they need, which would weaken them.

For this reason, whenever there are doubts, it is better not to water, since it is much easier to recover a dry plant than one that has a permanently moist substrate. So, I am going to tell you what you can do to avoid excess water .


  • 1 Check soil moisture before watering
  • 2 Choose a substrate that drains well
  • 3 Prevents the roots from being in contact with the water that

Check soil moisture before watering

Watering the garden with a hose

Before watering, it is convenient to check the humidity of the soil or the substrate. To do this, we can do the following:

  • Introduce a thin wooden stick to the bottom : if when you take it out it comes out practically clean, we can water since the soil will be dry.
  • Use a digital moisture meter : when you insert it into the soil, it will immediately tell us what degree of moisture it has. To make it more useful, we have to introduce it again in other parts (further from the plant, on another of its sides,…).
  • Take the pot once watered and again after a few days : as the moist soil weighs more than the dry one, we can be guided by this difference to know when to water.

Choose a substrate that drains well

It is very important that the land chosen for planting the plants allows rapid drainage of water . Sometimes in nurseries they sell substrates that, although they are already prepared to cover the basic needs of a specific type of vegetable, are usually not adequate enough for them as they retain water for too long.

If we take this into account, it is highly recommended to take a look at our substrate guide , so that in this way we can make sure that the drainage is going to be adequate.

Prevents roots from being in contact with excess water

expanded clay balls

Whether we have plants inside the home or on the patio or balcony, in the event that we have put a plate under them, we will have to remove it ten minutes after watering to dispose of the leftover water . If we leave it too long, the roots will rot. For this reason, it is also advisable to place a layer of expanded clay balls between the pot and the saucer.

With these tips, we can prevent plants from having excess water.

How to avoid excess water?

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