How to grow Nettle

Nettle is not one of the most popular medicinal herbs on the market due to one of its components, which causes skin rashes on contact. But the truth is that it is worth considering its virtues because they are many. It is an herb with health benefits, which among other things helps to get rid of hangovers and prevent hair loss.

Nettle is a plant that is cultivated in countries such as Austria, Germany, Finland and England and grows naturally on the edges of plots and in temperate forests. Its scientific name is Urtica dioica , it has a very particular appearance, with its characteristic hollow hairs that cover the plant.

It is an easy plant to grow because it even grows wild without further precautions. It is a cycle crop that reaches maturity in just six weeks, as long as it grows in soil rich in organic matter, loose and with good drainage.

Nettle needs a temperate climate, with an ideal temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Sowing is done indoors by placing the seeds in a pot and then covering it with a little soil. The receptacle is then covered and placed in a warm, dark place. When the seeds sprout, they are transplanted outside.

It is necessary to locate the pots in a semi-shaded place and it is recommended to cover with compost and water abundantly at the beginning. Then the watering will have to continue to be abundant, although not as much as when the shoots are born.

The nettle does not require much care, although it is suggested to remove the withered leaves from time to time. Due to its components, it is not attacked by pests and diseases.

Nettle harvesting is done from early spring to autumn and after flowering. It is possible to use it fresh or let it dry and then store it.

Remember that when handling the nettle you should wear leather gloves to avoid coming into contact with it and thus having rashes. If for some reason this happens, it is best to apply baking soda mixed with water to alleviate the problem.

Do you want to have an unusual crop in your garden or balcony? You can encourage yourself to grow nettle then in order to fully understand the benefits of this plant.

How to grow Nettle

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