How to use coffee grounds to take care of plants

Normally, coffee grounds end up in the garbage, but… did you know that they can help you to have healthy plants? They are a very effective fertilizer, so much so that it admits many ways of becoming natural food both for the garden and for pots.

Next we will tell you how you can use coffee grounds to be able to show off plants.


  • 1 season ticket
  • 2 Acidifies the earth
  • 3 Serves as food for worms
  • 4 Repel pests


Organic fertilizer

Coffee grounds are an ideal fertilizer for plants, since coffee seeds have essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur , which help them grow and develop perfectly.

Regardless of whether you decide to put them in the compost or directly on the surface of the substrate, your plants will surely look healthier in less than you imagine 🙂 .

acidify the earth

Fertile land

Soils or substrates that have a high pH, ​​over 6, cause many problems for acid- loving plants such as Japanese maples , azaleas , or camellias . To avoid this, they should be planted in land with a low pH, between 4 and 6.

However, sometimes it happens that we are in a season of the year in which it should not be transplanted, such as summer or winter. To do? Put coffee grounds on them. They will add acidity to the soil , thus preventing the plants from looking sad.

Serve as food for worms

compost worms

Earthworms have a very bad reputation, but without them the plants that are in the ground would have difficulties to grow well, since they keep the soil aerated and, therefore, also the roots of the protagonists of the garden.

To make life easier for them, we can feed them with coffee grounds . This way we will have better cared for plants.

repels pests


Although a garden must feed and protect a series of animals, including insects, the truth is that there are some that cause a lot of damage to plants, such as snails . These are mollusks that are voraciously hungry, and to relieve themselves they eat all the leaves they find in their path . But not only that, but they also feed on cacti.

Another pest that must be kept under control is that of ants . Although they do not cause damage by themselves, they usually come when the aphids are already attacking the plants. To prevent all these animals from destroying our beloved flowers and orchard, it is highly recommended to throw coffee grounds around them to scare them away .

How to use coffee grounds to take care of plants

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