Most common problems of indoor plants

Plants are not free from annoying pests even in our homes. And it is that, as much as we want to prevent it, it is common for bugs as undesirable as mealybugs, red spiders, or aphids to make their peculiar act of presence.

But, in addition to having to deal with them, they must also adapt to the conditions that we give them.

Indoor plants are those that cannot withstand cold winters , and that is why we must protect them inside our home. But that does not mean that “indoor plants” are a type of plants, but simply that in their place of origin they have not had to withstand extreme conditions.

That said, there are some that do well indoors, such as orchids, ferns, and some palm trees.


Apart from having to deal with the aforementioned pests, we must also take into account the following:

  • As far as possible, we will avoid air currents , whether they are cold or hot. They can cause the tips of the leaves to turn brown and spread over the rest of the leaf.
  • Water is something very important, essential, for all living beings. However, whether we overdo it or do not water enough, we can lose the plant. As a general rule, we will let the substrate dry before watering again. It is highly recommended to check its humidity before giving our plant a drink.
  • The ideal temperature for so-called indoor plants is always above 10º . If it’s cooler indoors, the plant is likely to begin to decline.

That is why the most common problems indoors are the following:

  • Red spider, aphids, mealybugs… that must be combated with specific products.
  • Unsuitable weather conditions.
  • Problems with irrigation.
  • Fertilize at the wrong time, or when the plant is sick. Let us remember that a plant that is going cold, or that is not at its best moment, should not be fertilized .

Finally add that, generally, a plant that is well cared for, it will be easier to overcome these potholes . With correct irrigation and fertilization, and of course a suitable location, we will be able to avoid these problems to a great extent.

Most common problems of indoor plants

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