Properties and benefits carrots

Carrots are one of the vegetables that commonly capture the attention of many people , perhaps this is because although their flavor is not really delicious, they do have a fairly mild flavor, which also practically fails to be perceived by the palate or perhaps because it is not a food that is usually used in multiple recipes .

However, one of the best things about carrots is that they can be consumed raw , since in this way you can perceive their flavor, in the same way eating them cooked, grated or chopped is also an excellent idea to consume these beneficial vegetables .


  • 1 Main properties of carrot
  • 2 Benefits provided by the carrot
    • 2.1 Mix of carrot juices
      • 2.1.1 With orange
      • 2.1.2 With vegetables

Main properties of carrot

carrot properties
But no matter how you decide to consume carrots, you should know that they always provide a wide variety of properties which also offer multiple health benefits and at the same time can be used for medicinal therapies.

Carrots have a high content of nutrients such as serine, isoleucine, arginine, aspartic acid and proline, they also have a content of 87% water and only 7.3% carbohydrates. Similarly, carrots also have a high content of beta carotene , phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C and protein.

Due to their composition, carrots have the particularity of being ideal as antioxidants, immunostimulants, diuretics, anti-ulcer, anti-anemic and digestive.

Carrot benefits

why eat carrots
  • Helps prevent degenerative diseases from appearing .
  • It serves to improve appetite , which also helps fight anemia, since it reverses it by causing the individual to feel more hungry.
  • You lower triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • It transforms beta-carotene into retinol, better known as vitamin A, which optimizes the vision of the individual who consumes it , especially if they are older people who have begun to have vision problems.
  • Due to their varied composition, they are really beneficial to maintain skin care and also protect the epidermis.
  • It can be used as a sunscreen and suntan lotion, this is because carrots allow the synthesis of melanin , which is responsible for functioning as a filter that effectively combats the sun’s rays.
  • It is ideal to apply carrots as a method of prevention and elimination of acne .
  • Helps get rid of colic .
  • Eating a piece of carrot naturally helps relieve stomach pain caused by consuming a food that caused poor digestion.
  • It is ideal for disintegrating and eliminating kidney stones .
  • Helps keep nerves in good condition.
  • It serves to calm depression to those who suffer from it.
  • Eliminates and prevents intestinal parasites.
  • It is highly recommended in those patients who suffer from diabetes , since the carbohydrate content that the carrot has when raw is easy to absorb and also does not cause hyperglycemia.
  • It is ideal for pregnant women due to its high content of folic acid and calcium.

Carrot juice mix

carrot juice
As we said before, carrots do not have a powerful or delicious flavor, however, by mixing it with some fruits it is possible to prepare delicious juices that will help you achieve each of the beneficial properties it offers and you will also be able to refresh your body.

Here we show you a couple of juices with carrot.

with orange

By mixing carrot with orange, you get a delicious juice with an exquisite and refreshing flavor. It also has few calories , the most recommended is 8oz or 250ml of carrot juice mixed with orange juice to your liking, although it should not be more than carrot juice.

With vegetables

Combining carrot with some green vegetables such as spinach, celery or cucumber will help you control your sugar levels and also offers you a wide variety of nutrients that are ideal for your health.

Properties and benefits carrots

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