Tips for planting a Hazel Tree

If you have a garden with some space and you want to plant a fruit tree, you can think of a hazelnut tree , a wonderful specimen that will give you shade during the summer season while it does not grow more than 6 meters, making it ideal for gardens that are not too tall. extensive.

Do you want to know more about the hazelnut? It belongs to the Betulaceae family and the Corylus genus , which has about 15 species of trees and shrubs, including Corylus maxima, Corylus colurna and Corylus avellana. The leaves of the hazel tree are deciduous and it is a very beautiful tree in autumn because before falling its leaves turn an intense yellow color, very pleasing to the eye.

In addition, it is a tree that gives us beautiful flowers in the shape of a bud and dark in color that are complemented by its wonderful fruits: the tempting hazelnuts , so widely used in gastronomy.

If you want to plant a hazelnut, you should know that it needs a lot of natural light, so you should locate it, if possible, in full sun, although it will also grow if it is in a semi-shade place. On the other hand, it is a temperate climate tree that does not resist high temperatures, although it does withstand cold and frost. The ideal is to plant it in a land with very good drainage and humus, autumn being the best time for planting.

As for irrigation, it needs abundant water , so it must be watered frequently so that the soil is always moist, always avoiding waterlogging. To nourish it, nothing better than a mineral fertilizer during flowering and another in mid-autumn. Ideally, it should be organic fertilizer , such as manure.

Finally, remember that the hazel needs to be pruned during the first two years of life.

Tips for planting a Hazel Tree

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