What is true about gardening myths?

Gardening is an exciting world, from which we can benefit a lot. And no, I’m not just referring to how rewarding it is to take care of plants, but also to the peace of mind that we have when we are with them. Even so, we also find in it a series of myths that can confuse us.

To prevent this from happening, we are going to see what gardening myths there are , and if they are true or, on the contrary, it is better to ignore them.


  • 1 It is dangerous to sleep with plants in the room
  • 2 It is better to water at night
  • 3 Ash is a good fertilizer
  • 4 Tools can be cleaned with bleach
  • 5 Fertilizing diseased plants will revive them
  • 6 Clay soil can be corrected by adding sand

Is it dangerous to sleep with plants in the room


It is one of the most widespread myths, but there is nothing true about it. Plants absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide throughout the day to stay alive, although the amount of O2 they need is much, much less than what humans require. In fact, for it to be dangerous to sleep in a room with plants, there would have to be a lot of them, to the point that the room would have to look like a jungle.

It is better to water at night


It depends on the season of the year in which you find yourself . If it is cold, the ideal is to water during the day, mainly in the central hours, when the temperature is usually a little higher; On the other hand, if it is hot, it is possible to water in the evening or, even better, in the early morning so that the plant can absorb the water little by little.

Ash is a good fertilizer

Wood ash fertilizer

Yes it is. It helps the plant to produce more flowers , but not everyone will do. Those of soft wood have a lower percentage of nutrients than those of hard wood, so you have to know what the composition of the substrate that we have put on the plant is like.

Tools can be cleaned with bleach

pruning tools

Better not. Bleach has oxidizing agents that will wear down tools. To clean them, the idea is to use pharmacy alcohol, or specific products that you will find in nurseries and garden stores.

Fertilizing diseased plants will revive them.

Organic fertilizer

It is not true. A sick plant could be compared to a person who is unwell. If you ate what you normally eat, you would most likely feel worse, as your stomach would not tolerate it. The same thing happens with plant beings: when they are sick we must give them their “medicine” (treatment against the disease or plague that they have), but not fertilizer because otherwise they will get sicker.

Clay soil can be corrected by adding sand

Clay floor

It’s false. The sand filters through the cracks and when wet they form a mortar together, which could be used to fix bricks or walls. The only way to correct clay soil is by adding manure and mixing it well with a rake or, if the land is large, with a power tiller.

Do you know other gardening myths?

What is true about gardening myths?

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