Why can’t the flowers get wet when watering?

Irrigation is the most important task, but if we do not do it correctly we can end up damaging the plants and even losing them. However, when we are told that they need high environmental humidity, we usually think that if we wet the leaves and flowers when we water them, we will be doing them good, but the reality is different.

Once it may not affect them, but if we do it too often problems could arise, which is why the flowers cannot get wet . What problems are those and how to fix them?


  • 1 The magnifying glass effect
  • 2 mushrooms
  • 3 Clogged pores

The magnifying glass effect

flower with water

When we water the plants directing the water to the leaves and flowers at the time the sun rises, the magnifying glass effect will occur, that is, the sun’s rays, hitting the water, will burn both leaves and flowers . This happens much more frequently in summer in the rest of the year, since the rays of the star king arrive more directly, but even so it is better not to risk it.

If we expose freshly watered plants to direct sunlight continuously, the magnifying glass effect can also occur.

To do? In the event that we have wet them, the ideal is to protect them indoors until they have dried . If they are burned, the affected parts have to be removed.


Fungi like moist, dark environments and don’t hesitate to infect as many plants as they can. Therefore, it is very important to avoid getting them wet, since otherwise these microorganisms would not take long to appear. If they do, the flowers will quickly wilt and the leaves will turn black.

How to solve it? We have to remove the affected parts and treat the plant with a systemic fungicide that we will find in nurseries and garden stores.

clogging of the pores

When wetting an indoor plant, as in homes there is no ventilation that is outdoors and less so in winter when we prefer to have the windows and doors closed, if we spray them very often the leaves could die asphyxiated because the water It will remain in them, covering their pores.

To do? As in the previous case, the affected parts must be removed . If we want the environmental humidity around the plant to be high, it is better to choose to put glasses of water around it or a humidifier.

Why can’t the flowers get wet when watering?

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