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Compost for the family garden

Nowadays, there are many people who make the decision to have a home garden on a roof terrace, balcony or in the garden and it is that with the idea of ​​having healthier and much more natural food, this is a kind of garden that is has become an ideal alternative for all people who have in […]

What are pacifiers on trees

There are a number of trees that have a great tendency to take off shoots , which they do is consume a lot of energy from the plant. In fact, precisely from this characteristic comes the name of suckers. All of us who have a tree plant will have to remove them as soon as they appear , not […]

Bacillus thuringiensis, an ecological insecticide to protect your plants

When we talk about bacteria, many people tend to immediately think that these microorganisms are harmful, but the reality is that, like everything in life, there are species that are certainly very dangerous and others that are very positive . In fact, we ourselves would not be alive if it were not for the 40 billion that live […]

What is albinism in plants

Abinism is a genetic disorder that can manifest itself in animals but also in plants . In the same way that an albino person has to take measures to protect themselves, a plant being has to do the same but… in their case things are much more complicated. As we know, abinism is the absence of pigments. When […]

What is a formal hedge

Hedges are natural barriers that allow us to have our garden well zoned in an elegant way. In addition, they have the advantage that they can be obtained with a wide variety of plants, whether they are perennial, deciduous, with or without showy flowers, in the sun or in the shade… Now, did you know that […]

What to know about gardening

When a person is curious to know what gardening is and what to expect from it, they should know that they will find all the technical information on the Internet, as well as on this very blog. But since we often forget the emotional part of this whole matter, it is very possible that this article will […]

How lack of humidity affects plants

When we begin to cultivate or take care of plants, most of the time we do not think about how important humidity is for them; We only worry about watering them, which is completely logical because if we didn’t do it that way, they would soon dry up. But it is not the only thing we must […]

How do viruses affect plants?

Viruses are a type of very fast multiplying microorganisms that can cause many serious health problems to any living being, whether animal or plant. In fact, there are some so dangerous and complex that no cure has yet been discovered to eliminate them. When we talk about plant viruses, unfortunately we almost always have to refer to […]

What are polycarpic plants?

Today, the vast majority of plants that inhabit our planet produce flowers, and they can do so several times throughout their lives. They are called polycarpic plants , and there are… all over the world, except in the most arid and/or coldest regions. But do we know what exactly they are? To learn more about this type of plants, […]

What is the importance of irrigation in plants?

Without water there is no life, but it is a mistake to think that the more water plants are given, the better they will grow . In fact, as important as watering is to do it in the right measure, only when necessary. And it is that, in the same way that the human being does not spend the […]

How to make homemade labels for your plants

When we plant different varieties of plants or flowers in the same crop, it is sometimes difficult for us to recognize which plant is which. For this, the labels for pots are a good useful tool to recognize them correctly. In addition, it can help us to identify at all times which plant we liked so much because of […]

Tips for growing tomatoes

The tomato plant is one of the easiest to grow. Its rapid growth and high productivity make it one of the most suitable for beginners. However, there are several things that we can do to obtain an excellent harvest. Write down these tricks for growing tomatoes and discover for yourself how to ensure that your tomato plants have the […]

Cooksonia, one of the first land plants

When we talk about the origin of plants, a name always comes up:  Cooksonia . It is a plant being that appeared in the middle of the Silurian period, that is, between 428 and 423 million years ago. From it, many of the plants we know today could develop, from large trees to flowers. But what was she like? Index […]

What is a variety in botany?

Plants have evolved in several different ways depending on the conditions of their habitat. In fact, we can find different varieties of the same species, but what does variety mean when we talk about the plant kingdom? Although the answer could be very simple, the reality is that sometimes we use this term in the wrong way. So […]

How to have better harvests

The orchard is the area of ​​the land where vegetables are grown and fruit trees are also planted. It is the corner where the gardener or gardener spends a lot of time taking care of some plants that, sooner or later, will serve as food. But, is there any trick to improve the quality of the fruit? The […]

Apple tree: characteristics, care and varieties

Plants are important elements in the life of every organism that inhabits the earth, something that is easily explained by the amount of contributions and resources that they give us. The life of plants is equivalent to the life of many of us who live on earth today and that is that the moderately pure air that we […]

What are the differences between vines and climbers?

There are two types of plants that, due to the way they grow, are very similar: vines and climbers. In addition, both produce very decorative flowers and are very easy to care for, not to mention how beautiful they are covering a lattice or a wall. But it is important to know the differences between vines and […]

What is the oldest bonsai in the world

Bonsai is a technique that, we are not going to deny it, no matter how well it is done unfortunately shortens the life expectancy of the tree. Living in a tray with little soil, this plant will not be able to develop as well as it would if it were planted in the ground. Perhaps for […]

Cauliflower: all about this plant

Cauliflower is a vegetable that belongs to the varieties of the Brassica oleracea species and it reproduces from the seeds. Cauliflower is a plant that is produced throughout the year, however, the best production time for this vegetable is between the months of September and January in the countries of the northern hemisphere, but it can be sown throughout the […]

What is ethnobotany

For many thousands of years, practically since we Homo sapiens appeared on the planet some 200,000 years ago, we have always had a very close relationship with plants . Thanks to them we have been able to protect ourselves from the cold and the scorching sun, we have been able to feed ourselves and, also, we have learned to heal […]

Carrot: types and growing tips

The carrot is one of the vegetables that makes the most presence in our recipes and we are talking about a very versatile ingredient and at the same time it is full of a great number of benefits . Currently we can find a wide variety of carrots, however they are not so easy to find because the most abundant […]

Meet the breadfruit tree, a very interesting tropical plant

The breadfruit tree is a tropical plant that we can find in all the warm and humid regions of the world. Although it can easily exceed 10 meters, even 21m specimens have been seen, its cultivation in a pot is possible since it tolerates pruning quite well . Let’s meet this curious and beautiful tree, so rare in temperate climates. […]

When and how to graft an avocado plant

Non-grafted avocados usually take a long time to bear fruit, however, and in the case of grafted avocados , after two years it is possible to obtain a large load of avocados. Being an essential means to propagate the avocado plant, grafting turns out to be practically the only one through which you can acquire the varieties of […]

How to clean indoor plants

In nature, as well as in gardens, plants have very few difficulties to be and remain clean, whether due to the action of wind and/or rain, their leaves can free themselves from dust motes that may fall on them. However, those that are inside the home do not have that possibility, so it is up to […]

Gooseberry: characteristics, cultivation and uses

The gooseberry . If you are one of those people who loves to make homemade jams, surely you have heard of it, and if not, don’t worry: in this special you will know everything about it, the fruit produced by the Ribes rubrum species known as gooseberry We will start first by explaining the characteristics of the currant and […]

What is needed to plant a tree

Planting a tree is one of the most wonderful experiences that any gardener can have. It is giving a living being the opportunity to have magnificent growth and development by giving its root system all the space it needs. But if done wrong, it can seriously harm you. To avoid this, we have to use the right […]

How and with what to fertilize tomatoes

Tomato plants require a good fertilizer to ensure that they develop in optimal conditions, in addition, it is possible to obtain better results by enriching the soil by adding compost and, as we already know, tomatoes require quite demanding care, especially because they need a large amount of sun, as well as a certain substrate for an […]

How to protect plants from frost

Although there are many plants that resist frost and snowfall, there are others, on the contrary, they are very chilly, so much so that as soon as the temperature drops below 0 degrees their leaves begin to turn brown or their body to rot from within. Fortunately, we can do several things to prevent them […]

What is and how to use the heather fabric?

Do you dream of having a protected garden with a natural material that will also last for several years? If so, we recommend heather, which will give a very rustic look without losing the elegance of your favorite corner of the home. But how to use the heather fabric? Does it require any kind of maintenance? We tell you. […]

What are the cares that a bonsai should have?

Bonsai is a tree that has been worked for many years – sometimes centuries – and is grown in a tray of ever lower height. But when it reaches our hands, taking care of it and keeping it in such good condition can turn out to be a very complex task. Even so, I hope that […]

What are the pests and diseases of carnations?

Carnations are very durable herbaceous plants that produce flowers for much of the year and hardly need care. However, in order to be able to enjoy them without problems, we have to know that there is a real risk that they will end up being attacked by a plague or infected by a fungus. For this […]

What is cleaning pruning

Plants, especially woody ones, need a series of “grooming” every year so that they can continue to be as healthy and beautiful as ever. In nature these, if I may say so, hairdressing sessions are carried out by the wind and the rest of the plants (for example, when the air blows strongly it drops the […]

What is explosive leprosy of citrus?

Citrus trees are trees that, in addition to being very decorative, produce edible fruit if they are given minimal care. But unfortunately they are also very vulnerable to pests and diseases, one of the most worrying being citrus blast leprosy . What is it and how is it treated? Is there any way to prevent our plants from being […]

What is a bare root plant

What is a bare root plant? When we want to save a little money, we may be interested in buying one that is not planted in a pot or in the ground, not even in a bag or sack. But you have to know that acquiring one in this way can become a waste of money. Therefore, we […]

How plants are technically named

Human beings have the need to name everything, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to relate them to others as easily as we do. The problem is that, just as we have created different languages, each town or region calls its plants in one way or another . Thus, what for the Spanish is a Ceratonia siliqua , for the […]

Plant Disease Prevention

What is the prevention of diseases in plants? What to do so that your health does not decline? Well, those are two questions that don’t have a single answer, or at least not a simple one. It must be borne in mind that there are several factors that can harm or damage them, and there are some that […]

Care, cultivation and characteristics of the Tupinambo or Jerusalem Artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke or Jerusalem artichoke is one of the common names by which this tuber is known, whose scientific name is Helianthus Tuberosus , of simple cultivation and with properties that serve it for medicinal use and in gastronomy. The Jerusalem artichoke is native to North America and belongs to the Asteraceae family and then we will learn a little […]

Use of pheromones for pest control

The natural is the healthiest. Surely you have heard or read this more than once, right? Nowadays chemical products, that is to say, synthetic ones, although they are very useful if they are used well, are very harmful to the environment. But they also have a side effect that you won’t be able to read about in any […]

What is trellis pruning?

The vine is a climbing shrub widely cultivated in temperate regions throughout the world. Grapes are edible fruits that are so good that you want to have some specimens in the garden. But, to prevent complications from arising, one of the things that is being done more and more frequently is to grow them on a trellis. In […]

What is biological control

Plants have always been able to count on the invaluable help of various insects to control pests, thus managing to stay alive without having to spend extra energy to do so. Today we people who grow plants can benefit a lot from them, but what exactly is biological control? Biological control consists of using beneficial insects and […]

What does disbudding consist of?

Sometimes we can have a plant that does not end up producing all the branches that we would like or that has a development that is not what we expected. When that happens, we can resort to pruning to try to solve it. One of the most used techniques is disbudding , which is carried out especially on […]

How to protect pots from frost

Pots are containers that, unfortunately, wear out over time due to the action of the Sun, ice and snow. Is there a way to lengthen their shelf lives? Of course. In fact, below I am going to tell you all the tricks so that you can use them for many more years than you might initially think. Discover how […]

What is a cold bed for plants

Have you ever wondered what a cold bed for plants is? With this type of drawers or boxes, the season can be brought forward a lot, as they will allow you to keep the crops protected from sudden changes in temperature. Now, how is it done? Image – The cold bed or box for plants is […]

What are the different ways to aerate a garden?

Plants, in addition to water, also need air to be able to grow properly. Therefore, it is very important that from time to time we make sure that they receive everything they need, otherwise they could soon weaken. But what are the different ways to aerate a garden? And when should you do it? Index 1 Aerate your lawn […]

What is the xylem of a plant?

Plants are much more complex living beings than we might initially think. In fact, not only have they had to manage to find everything they need without moving from the place where they germinated, but their internal structure has also evolved until it is what it is today. One of the most important parts is the xylem , […]

Kerriodoxa elegans, a beautiful palm

The Kerriodoxa elegans is a palm tree that, as its name suggests, is very elegant , but it is also very curious, so much so that it is known as the White Elephant Palm, which translated into Spanish is “White Elephant Palm”. Although it is native to Thailand, where the climate is tropical, it is a great […]

When to plant leeks

The leek is a horticultural plant widely used in the kitchen that can be grown both in the ground and in a pot since it does not require much space to have an excellent development. Now, we must choose well the moment in which we are going to plant it, otherwise we would not make the […]

What are the most effective nematode repellents?

Nematodes are worms that can cause many problems to plants, specifically their roots. Normally, it is healthy for there to be a population of these living beings, as they help keep the earth aerated, but if they multiply excessively, they will soon weaken our beloved plant beings. So what are the most effective nematode repellents? Well, even if […]

How to control mites on trees

Mites are very small insects, so small that it is often difficult to see them. However, they can cause significant damage to plants; also in the trees, especially if the environment is hot and dry. Although it may seem the opposite at first, we can do several things to avoid it. Let’s see how to control mites in trees . […]

Characteristics, care, pests and diseases of the pineapple plant

The pineapple, that delicious fruit that is normally eaten during the summer and autumn, springs from the wonderful pineapple plant , which is scientifically known as “ Ananas comosus ”. This plant consists of a terrestrial bromeliad native to South America, which forms a rosette of lanceolate and leathery leaves , which are approximately 1m long. Its flowers, of a beautiful color […]

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